How to remove pubic hair at home? safe and tested methods


Pubic hair exists for the same reason as for why eyebrows or eyelashes exist. They trap dirt and debris from entering our two eyes. True to the evolutionary theory almost everything exists to solve a biological purpose. A trimmed layer of pubic hair is enough to protect the vulva and the clitoris from debris or dead skin. Grooming is necessary because sometimes the pubic area grows wild and instead of trapping dirt and debris which it obviously does, it also ends up trapping sweat and remains constantly damp and moist giving yeast infections or rashes in that area.

The best solution to all this is to keep one’s pubic region groomed if you as a woman do not believe in the cosmetic benefits of completely removing pubic hair. Although many studies suggest that most women try this cosmetic procedure at least once in their lifetime. The same goes for men as well. It is highly advisable that men too keep their pubic hair groomed so that the area stays protected by trapping dirt but not by trapping sweat.
Let us look at a few easy hacks that one can employ to keep their pubic area groomed –

1 Women’s safety scissors – This may be the most commonly used quick fix used to groom the pubic area. The trick to remember here is that the size of the pair of scissors should be very small so that it easily can be manoeuvred about your genitals. Also, the blade on these safety scissors are not very sharp which is why it is safe to use them without worrying too much about hurting your skin. The blades are sharp enough to cut pubic hair neatly though. Take the scissors and if possible a small mirror down there and start with your triangular area and eventually get to the hair above your labia. You can decide on the length of your hair as per your previous experience and in case you are new to this, you can try to not trim too deep. Gain some experience and then play with the trim length. 

2 Everteen Bikini Line Hair Removal cream – This worked wonderfully for me. This product was so easy and quick to use and also painless. I just applied the hair removal cream and within minutes my pubic area was groomed. This cream did not make my skin darker. However, if you are into grooming and don’t wish to completely remove all your pubic hair then trim your hair and use this fantastic cream to remove the pubic hair that manages to grow wildly just outside your bikini or underwear line.

I personally tried Everteen Bikni line hair remover because I have very sensitive skin and it worked wonderfully on my delicate skin. I also tried this cream on my underarms and was very happy with the results. This hair removal cream is laced with 100% natural chamomile extract which ensures that you feel no itching or irritation after application. It is also priced very competitively especially for the value it gives.

Everteen creme hair remover bikini line effectively removes hair around tender bikini lines leaving skin soft & smooth. Fortified with natural camomile extracts, you can be rest assured that there will be no No Razor Bumps Or Ingrown Hair, no Razor Cuts, Nicks & Burns, no Skin Darkening, no Harsh Smell

3 Women’s safety razor – Here is a small trick that one can employ while grooming their intimate area. Trim dry, shave wet. While shaving it is always advisable to wet your pubic area and apply shaving foam and start from the triangular area and then work your way down. Also, if you are shaving, soaking into hot water for 10 to 15 minutes before doing it will ensure that your skin does not get rashes. However, before shaving it all off, I would personally advise that you trim your hair short using safety scissors and then going with the Brazilian style of getting rid of the lot. 

4 Electric or battery operated Trimmer – The trimmer can be also used to groom the area down under. It serves the same purpose as the pair of scissors and you can get a more even trim because of the pre-set settings. However, there may be a bit of a learning curve involved in using this device on your genital area so use it only when you think you are ready to handle it.


  1. […]  Hair removal creams – These creams do not remove hair from the root. They essentially do what razors do except that they have a lot of chemicals which may harm your skin. This method can also be very time consuming and the chemicals may cause skin darkening. These creams are a quick one-time solution at best because it can be very messy and time-consuming using them for all body parts. […]

  2. After shifting to Poland, I understood the importance of parlors because here you have to take appointment prior to visiting them. You can’t just barge in and ask for their services. Many a times it has happened that I need to go to a sudden party but those unwanted hair don’t let me wear my desired dress. I love the options you have shared, will definitely check out.


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