How to Lose weight without hitting the Gym?


Most of us feel gym is the only way to reduce weight and if somehow cannot manage to go to the gym, means one cannot lose weight. But this perception is not always right. In this post, we will discuss, How to Lose weight without hitting the Gym?

When I thought of losing weight, I was really apprehensive about it as going to the gym was not at all possible with two little kids. But still going with 86KGs was not acceptable to me. I was very firm to lose weight, reason you should read My Fitness Journey

  1. Go for Ayurveda: It’s since last few years, whether it’s for the cure of a cough, cold or weight loss I am sticking to Ayurveda and touch wood, I am being more healthy, flawless skin and active. Herbs like Amla powder, Giloy Ras, Neem, Methi, Jeera and others are the part of my daily routine.

  1. Changes in Daly diet: Weight loss is 70% about what you eat. No matter how hard you hit the gym but until and unless you are going on the right diet, you won’t get the desired results. I am focusing on eating less but it’s about eating the right food at right intervals.

  1. Changes in Daily Routine: Its sometimes, we hardly knew but we are affected to use various habits in our daily routine which may hamper our body’s health. Like excluding ghee and going for the refined oil, use sugar but prevent jaggery. There are many others items on the list which you should prevent while going for the weight loss. Read my post HERE: Items to prevent while planning for a Healthy Body.

4. Exercising at home: Though getting time with kids was impossible yet I manage to exercise at least for 30 minutes a day. If you can manage, doing exercise in the morning then its good but it can’t, doing anytime 2 hours before and after food is what advisable. Also leave two days as cheat days when you can relax, eat of choice, but overdo it.

  1. Chose what suits your body: I have a tough body, and hardly get tired easily so I used to do level 4 or 5 High intense exercise but if you are not used to exercising or its first time opting for some hard work then even yoga or brisk walking can do wonders.

Losing weight is not an easy task but it is not impossible as well. Just determination, self-control, and hard work can make you achieve a perfectly healthy body which you always dreamt of. I lost more than 20kgs and got a perfect body shape which otherwise I could only dream of.

Need any support or advice, please write to me- sapnabansal84@gmailcom. losing weight is not a rocket science but a science to gain self-confidence and good health.


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