How to be all set for your short stay at a hospital waiting for your little munchkin to arrive – What to pack in a hospital bag?


Being a mom is not difficult if you are prepared beforehand. Whether its first time or second, only patience and preparation is the key. Like when going for the hospital first time, there is a list of items that you can checklist so as to prevent any last minute chaos.

So Here are 10 things that you should pack in your bag to hospital when your LO is going to arrive.

1 Hospital File and other documents – It is essential to have your medical records handy as you know your medical history best. Even though your doctor will be aware of your medical history of allergies and diseases keeping them printed is always a good idea. Also, these documents should include your birth plan if you have one printed out even if you and your doctor have discussed it.

2 Dressing Gown/ Night Dresses and Socks – Even though the hospital will provide you with one, it may be clever to carry a familiar and comfortable gown which you can use to wear during labour or if you have to stay in the hospital overnight waiting for the baby to come. It might serve you well to choose a front opening one when you plan to feed your baby. Also, carrying socks may be a good idea given that many mothers experience their feet getting cold during labour.

3 Mother Sparsh Premium 99% Baby Water Wipes with Moisture lock lid – This particular brand of wet wipes is eco-friendly and organic. They are very soft and hypoallergenic. These water wipes are formulated specifically for the sensitive and delicate skin of your baby. The presence of 99% pure water and also natural plant fabric makes Mother Sparsh baby wipes comparable to applying cotton & water. These wipes are unscented and extremely gentle. They carry zero harmful chemicals and therefore can be easily rubbed all over your baby’s body including your baby’s face. Unlike other baby wipes in the market which are soapy and heavily perfumed this particular brand is non-soapy and yet it cleans very well. It does not give any foam like feel after you have applied it to your baby’s skin. Make sure you pack at least a few packets of this revolutionary brand of wet wipes for your newborn in your hospital bag. 

4 Body Lotion/ Massage Oil and Slippers – It may soothe you to get a massage during labour. Also, carry comfortable slippers so that you can easily slip in and out of them if you need to walk around the hospital

5 Lip Balm – This deserves a special mention as your lips run the risk of getting severely chapped during labour and a lip balm will come in handy if such a situation arrives.

6 Comfortable pillow(s) – The hospital pillows may not be to your liking and your own familiar pillows may help you rest better. For superior results, you can try memory foam pillows.

7 Heavy duty maternity pads and lots of fresh underwear- Even though the hospital may provide some, choose heavy-duty maternity pads which you feel may suit you. It’s normal to bleed a lot after the birth, and maternity pads are softer and more absorbent than standard ones. Initially, you may need to change pads every one to two hours, but within a few days, the flow will start to decrease. Also, pack several pairs of underwear’s which you don’t mind getting stained or soiled and also the ones that are large enough for your maternity pads. Semi lady, New Mom and Mother Care are some brand of maternity pads easily available in the market as well as online.

8 Toiletries – towels, tissues, hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, hair ties. Pack a plastic bag to pop dirty clothes in.

9 Clothes – Apart from your night dress you should carry some comfortable clothes to wear during your stay in the hospital and for returning back from it. You may want to choose something loose and ideally with elastic or post-delivery maternity dresses.

10 Nappies, Booties and Baby Clothes – Your newly born baby will need to be kept properly covered in comfortable clothes. Try using ones that can be fastened and loosened from the front as they will be easier to use. Nappies are needed before you buy diapers because a neonates skin might be too sensitive to use diapers early on.   

In addition to these essentials listed above, you can obviously carry things that cheer you up and make you feel at home. Maybe you like certain snacks or a certain drink. Carry them in your bag. Carry your phone and stream fun videos online and don’t forget to carry your chargers. 



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