How to Chose best Sport Shoes for you?


If you ask me, what keeps me fit, no doubt will say Running and brisk walking? Being a fitness blogger, more than going to gym, I lay emphasis on brisk walking and running. With the right kind of diet and a well-planned schedule, another thing that is vital for a great fitness routine is having the right kind of accessories!

Some of us like running on the treadmill while some like running outdoors or participating in Marathons.I cannot overemphasize the importance of good shoes as to whether you enjoy a great run or end up having blisters, joint pains or sprains depends to a great degree on your shoes.

This article may be considered as a guide that lists several features that a buyer should consider before buying SPORTS SHOES. You may be a store shopper or may prefer online shopping, do check the following features….

While shoe outlets and sports stores often happen to be our first thought when it comes to buying a new pair of running shoes, very often the available choices could be limited. In such cases, you must consider ONLINE SHOPPING where you get inexpensive brand to top-quality trainers. Whatever be the brand of your liking, like: Adidas, Nike, Puma etc, it is almost certainly available.

1. Perfect Fit

It is important that you know your shoe size really well. Buy a pair that fits snugly width wise so that your foot does not have much scope of twisting or shifting while you run or work out. So, in addition to the length, you must consider the width too.

2. Weight

A sports shoe must be able to support the runner’s weight, sufficiently. Heavier runners would need thicker and more cushioned soles to deal with the impact.

3. Ankle Support

Your pair should provide adequate support to your upper foot, heels and the ankle. Overlooking these factors could lead in a sprained ankle. Therefore, buyers must understand the shape of their feet and the movements of their feet and ankles during a run.

4. Know the Arch of your foot

High arch feet need shoes that are really flexible. Low arch feet need motion control and stability in their running shoes.

5. Quality

The shoe’s flexibility, durability, lightweight, Nylon meshes for padding and waterproofing / quick drying capacity of the synthetic leather make for the good choice of Sports shoes. Artificial leather of superior quality is the material of choice.

6. Your Personal Style

Some people like Chunky pairs while others prefer shoes that appear more streamlined. Color choices are also up to your personal liking. You pick up what appeals to you.

7. Price

Last but not the least, each one of us has a budget to follow. However, you must know that a higher price range indicates extensive research, the superior material used for a shoe construction, superior design and aerodynamics. Since sports shoes easily last for months together, it is better to invest in quality.

If before buying Sports shoes, you keep these important features in mind, we are pretty sure that you would be able to find a pair of good Sports shoes for yourself.