Homemade weightloss drinks that work fast


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For me, weight loss means eating right and getting a healthy body which I can appreciate. My weight loss has nothing to do with some expensive medicines or habits which I cannot afford to follow lifelong. I decided to have a healthy body but with homemade and inexpensive means. Finally to some extent been able to achieve that goal as well. Here below are drinks that I tried while going for weight loss. These are the homemade drinks which can help you in fast weight loss

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  1. Herbs helped me in loosing weight

don’t want myself to be dependent on some expensive medicines/food items or habits which I cannot afford to follow lifelong.

  1. Drum sticks juice– Not so long back, I first ever tasted it. Usually seen in “Sambhar”, this vegetable requires patience to cook and eat as well. But now I have started liking this vegetable a lot. Drumsticks or sajna phali or sejan ki phali is very useful and multi-nutritional veggie. Few of its benefits are helps in digestion, purifies the blood, and lowers blood level sugar.

Recipe: Take 3-4 drumsticks, peel them and cut into small pieces
add few mint leaves
grind them in mixer with half cup water
Rinse and add salt, sugar or lemon juice to taste. If feeling nauseatic take a small piece of jaggery after drinking it.

Note: Try to experiment first time on a holiday only. If first time, chances are great that you may feel nauseatic and even vomit. Loose motion is another thing that can happen to you after its consumption but don’t worry, side effects will stay for 1-2 hours only.

  1. Fresh Herbal Water: While coming from the park, I collect the fresh leaves of Tulsi, Amla, Lemon, Kari patta and others for making herbal water with them which I drink a full day. Its aroma is greater than any herbal tea and very good for losing weight.

Recipe: 3-4 leaves of Kari patta
few leaves of the rose flower
one leaf of Tulsi
5-6 leaves of Amla

crush them and soak in water for one hour. Now boil it and drink whenever you feel hungry, long for tea or have nothing else to do.

Note: please note few leaves are toxic as well and are unsuitable for consumption so instead of having a large variety of leaves try to stick to those about whose property you are familiar and have complete knowledge.

3. Tasty Green Tea: It’s a kind of energy booster for me. Whenever I feel low and wanted to drink something yummy, I try for this Green Tea. I find its taste more like Ice tea. Unlike other Green tea, it’s not bad in taste and one surely enjoys having it.

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Recipe: Boil water in a pan, add crushed ginger and piece of Jaggery, Boil them
add green tea
keep it aside for 5 minutes—-1
now in a Mug add lemon juice, Salt, and black pepper.
Pour 1 into it. and drink it hot.

Note: try to add more lemon as it will enhance your metabolism and immune too.

  1. Sauf n jeera water: It is one of the best drink for losing weight. I drank it continuously for a month. It tastes good as well and very easy to make. Don’t worry about the roughage, you can use them in any Indian curry”

Recipe: Soak Cummin, fennel seeds in a glass of water for overnight. In the morning boil it in a pan and try to drink hot only. No need to add any flavors to it.

Note: If desired or for better results, you can add cinnamon powder to it.

5. Sattu: A dish very famous in Bihar and beneficial in summers. It is made from the flour of grams and oats. It is said to have a cooling effect which is very much required in Summers. It is filling and has fewer calories. Sattu is easily available in shops or can also be made at home.

Recipe: Add Chopped Onion, cucumber, mint paste, green coriander, Chilli in a Mug.
Now add salt and lemon juice to taste.
Add Sattu and mix it well.
slowly add water and mix it so that it remains lumps free.

Note: Try to keep it more liquid as if it is more dense flour will not be able to eat.

I know many of you must be thinking it is not my taste or when you first try above items you won’t feel like having them again but will suggest you to try to eat them at least for a week. They are the best homemade remedies to lose weight fast. You can also try doing changes as per your taste buds, means if you like sweets, try to make them sweeter and slowly decrease the level of jaggery into it. If you like it spicy add green chili or black pepper as to your taste.

Do write to me how you like all of the above or any of the drinks. Their continuous use will surely boost your metabolism and help you to achieve a healthy body. By the way, am learning to edit the videos so their quality is not that good but believe me the results you will get will be surely great!!