first time in a 5 star hotel


Though I am from business class and affluent background, yet my family has all the habits which proves we are best fitted in the level of middle class, a true middle class family. Don’t believe me, lets check with few points. All you have to raise a finger if that happens at your home too.
1. A big polythene to keep all other polythene which we get in daily items (If yes, Raise a finger)
2. Saving and keeping all the boxes that we get in Dal Makhani or rasgullas for the real big time (If yes, Raise another finger).
3. Instead of throwing waste clothes we keep them for getting utensils and even use underpants for dusting or as mop.

So how many fingers ?? Mine is all three.

Its like 7 years before I went to my first ever 5 star hotel or luxury hotel for vacations. It’s not like I have never visited a 5 star hotel but that was for just few hours or for some far off relatives wedding or roka. So it was my first experience and I tried my best to make it happening with new clothes and new etiquette. Below under,are few habits which I think you will also relate to if staying for the first time in a luxury hotel.

Maximum use of swimming pool– No matter you know swimming or have swimming costume but still pool is the first and foremost thing you will love to use and enjoy the most. Right after dinner, before breakfast,after lunch, if not doing anything, pool will be your main attraction.

Flaunting and showing as it’s not your first time: Ok! so it’s very much required to show the housekeeping and other staff that you are used to luxurious stay. But at times this come out to be hilarious when your kids could not stop the excitement and shout, “mumma!! wo dekho ….” Doesn’t matter how hard you have tried/asked them look normal and hide their excitements.

Eating like real bhukkad: Buffet breakfast is usually complementary in luxury hotels. From sandwiches to Dosa, Parantha to muffins and Fresh fruits to coffee, you like to hog on each and everything. Even the stomach get confused and make prayers to end it soon but doesn’t matter you eat as its your last meal on earth. Also try to save few items for lunch as well like nuts, chocolates and others.

Clicking pics and uploading the maximum: You don’t mind clicking yourself even in the bathroom showing its neatness. It’s not you have to be a reviewer or a blogger to click all the pics but then also you want to click number of photos and upload tagging your fancy hotel and showing your fancy room.

Saving all the toiletries for future use: That’s something is not restricted to the first time user only. I know one of my relatives whose all toiletries like soaps, body moisturizer, shampoo, conditioner and at times even bathrobe are from Luxury hotels only. So it is must have if you are visiting to a 5 star hotel.

Using snacks is strictly prohibited: As soon as you enter hotel room, usually happens that kids get attracted and ran for the charged snacks by the hotel. So the best thing is to hide them under table or somewhere else in order to protect them from the kids.

So how many of the above points you can relate to?? do let me know and share with your friends if you really enjoy reading it.