Herbs helped me in Losing weight


Herbs have played a very important role in my weight loss. I did lose more than 20kgs in 8 months with the help of herbs, exercise and making certain changes to my lifestyle Read here. In case you want to know what motivated me for weight loss,do read My Weight Loss Story. Eating these herbs will surely help you in achieving a better body.

  1. Amla powder: Amla is one of the main items which helped me in losing weight. Most of the diseases start with stomach and ends with stomach, So it is very necessary to keep the stomach clean and fresh.
    Dosage: Start with the half tablespoon and increase it to one. 90% chances are you will feel nauseated, vomits after having it. Keep the small piece of jaggery in hand. Eat, just after having it. and if still nausea persists, have some more jaggery.

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Indications: With lukewarm water or milk.

  1. Sauf and Dalchini: Sauf and Dalchini is best for digestion and also can be used as mouth freshener. The best thing about them is that you can have them anytime and will love its flavour and aroma. You can also soak them overnight and then drink them after boiling.

Dosage: Sauf , you can have as much as you want.

  1. Kali Jeeri Powder: It tastes like hell but very good and useful in loosing weight. You have to add Meethi , Mulethi, ajwain and pinch of black pepper powder in it to make it worth bearing and also for best results. For ratio of all above ingredients, keep following my blog.

Dosage: Half table-spoon with hot water and before going to bed. It has to be your ;last food for the day.

Indications: Only with hot water.

  1. Chia seeds/Flax seeds/Hem seeds: They are foods with highest protein so incase, you want to lose weight with exercise and by eating less and right, you may need these to energize you. Mind it ,eating this will and may cause severe constipation so don’t get scared, either increase the dosage of Amla powder or go with Arhar.

Dosage: I take one spoonful of Chia seeds with Hem seeds. Soak them overnight and eat as first thing in the morning.

  1. Be slim fast: It is an Ayurvedic capsule plus juice manufactured by Amit. I recommend it as I have used it. But taking it is not mandatory. In case, you feel above herbs are more than enough than will suggest to go for them only.

Dosage: As and what written on the pack.

So, if you want to have a fit body than will suggest you to start using above herbs. May be not all but atleast try using some of them. And also it is possible that after having them, you will have indigestion or very good digestion , but please don’t discontinue using them before reaching two weeks as our body also require time to adjust with them. Rest I assure you they won’t make any side effects in your body as are purely ayurvedic.

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  1. yes..thats the recommended way to use it..but make sure take it with luke warm water and jaggery otherwise chances are great that you will feel nauestic.

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