Guide to book a hotel online

With internet, social media, the world has come closer. We can get enough knowledge about anything by sitting at home. Planning vacations or booking hotel has also become easy. Now you can hardly be fooled/ misguided by any person or guide. But at times online information can also be misleading and can take you into big trouble like getting more money, no confirmation and others. Therefore it is needed to keep few points in mind while booking hotels online.

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1. Book through known websites/applications only: There are many applications/ websites which may look fascinated but always go for trusted or famous sites as they are known and so less chances of getting fooled.

2. Ratings: Ratings are must to check, Hotels rated below or two stars are worst to stay.  Also it will help to filter your required hotels and book the best one. Therefore, it is necessary to check ratings before going for booking a hotel.

3. Reviews: Now a days, mostly all the application/ website have uploaded the customers’ review about the hotel that you are going to book. If cant go through all, I will ask you to go through their captions at least. It will give you an insight about the hotel facilities, location, staff and view.

4. Facilities: Before booking online, you need to check the facilities provided by the hotel. Breakfast, kettle, TV, toiletries, AC, swimming pool and laundry facilities are being provided by the hotel or not.

5. Location: How far is the hotel from near and famous sight seeing locations matters alot while booking online. Also important points like if modes of transportation are easily available and if hotel is not in some remote areas should be checked. This will help you in planning & implementing your itinerary successfully.

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Reviews are must check while booking a hotel online.

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If looking for a average hotel, go for atleast three star ratings while booking

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booking hotel online is very easy as well as you get many good deals

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