Ghaziabad to Airport

“I know you can easily go from Delhi to Mumbai but biggest problem is Ghaziabad to Gurgaon”. These were the words of my husband when he get to know that I have to travel all alone from Ghaziabad to Mumbai.

Recently, I have to go Airport. Going Airport was not at all bothering me or my husband, it was going from Ghaziabad that was giving us tension. the reason being too much traffic, and insecure for ladies. For the time, we tried o be at safer side and book cab, 4 hours prior to the check in time on airport. But security side, we were truly helpless and cannot do anything except Hanuman chalisa :P.

On 10th Morning, I booked a cab through Meru Cab application for the evening. got a message that details will be shared 20 minutes prior the ride. I was assured that cab will be on time, so did not bothered to rechecked. The time was approaching fast but got no updates related to Cab, I called Meru customer care who assured me that Cab is nearby but late for 10 minutes only. They provided me with cab driver’s mobile number.

To my shock, when I called the driver he told me he is at Indirapuram which is about 12-15 KM from my location and will try to reach in 20 minutes. since I was left with no options, I decided to wait, after 10 minutes when I called him again to recheck, he showed his ability to come saying it will take him another half an hour. Truly, I was feeling like being fooled by modern technology. I tried booking from Ola, though they were confirming my booking but drivers again showed their inability to come.

I was hopeless and decided to reprimand the Meru people. They disconnected my calls as well. Later on told me that Cab is at my pick up location but there was no cab and driver arrived after the delay of 15 minutes. I was already late and wanted no more fuss, so boarded that cab only. My experience with cabs in Ghaziabad was really a bad one..share how was yours?

Details were supposed to be shared 20 minutes but no response till 7.

Cab drivers were kept on changing..and no cab but message was before them.