Five reasons , you are not losing weight


Try, try until you succeed…by anonymous.

There will be no one better than me who can understand and implemented this saying to the fullest. Its near about a
decade that am trying to loose weight and become fit. I have left no stone turned to loose weight and from my experience I have understand loosing weight is not all about exercising, eating less or having medicines, otherwise its about being active and eating right.

Its in year 2006, for the first I hit gym for the weight loss. Let me tell you at that time I was very healthy and to be specific as healthy as a baby elephant and weight near about 82KGs. Weighting this much for a unmarried gal and that too with 5.4″ height is something unexceptional. It is not like I haven’t lost weight, I did lost about 20KGS by working hard at gym, dieting, fasting and many other means but still unable to achieve my fit body. At times got pear shaped or pot shaped body or at times my face got ultra skinny and thin, but never able to achieve “Perfect body” and weight below 60KG.

But Recently, things changed. Though right now am at 61KGs but for more than a year weighed 59.2KGs and that was the best part of my health. Everyone asking me to gain weight instead of loosing more. You may be wondering how it may be possible?? Whether I tried gym, fasting or what but the answer is nothing. I tried nothing of that sort but still manage to get a healthy body.

But there are many of us who are really trying and still not loosing weight. Guys, Fitness is not about hitting gym. There you work for parts of your body while fitness is about being wholly solly fit. So if you are not loosing weight check on this points and may be any of them is the reason for you being fat.

  1. Say No to Stale/leftover or refrigerated food: Especially, we woman feel like no to waste anything so therefore food left by husband, kids or after dinner we think of placing them in already over eaten stomach. Make this habbit to say no to leftover foods, especially meant for kids as mostly out of love we put extra ghee , butter into it.

  2. Try going for those foods which help in loosing weight. There are many foods which help in loosing weight and are yummy as well. SO we should opt for such foods instead of going for those which makes your weight increase. For more please my full post here: Herbs helped me in loosing weight

  3. Sleeping after eating: Whenever you have your meal, try to be active after having it. I am not saying you have to be awake whole night but try not to sleep for at least 45 minutes after having it. Sleeping slow down our metabolism and thus increase in fat in body.

  4. Over use of white sugar in your food: Whereas jaggery is good for health, white sugar cause many damages to the human bod. Going without it may not be possible but you can reduce its intake in your daily diet.

  5. Drinking less water: Have you ever keep a track of glasses of water that you drink in a day. With me at times they goes upto 8-9 but when the weather is good I hardly drink more than 3 glasses in a day. I know this will or used to happen with many of us. So better is to make sure you are drinking atleast 6 glasses in a day for your good health.


  1. Ohh ho, you don’t need to loose weight!! You are already too fit I suppose. Congratulations for 61kg weight. I feel 61kg is best suited.
    By the way nice tips..

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