Easy ways to be healthy and Fit this New Year- #GetfitwithFlipkart


Who don’t like to be fit? At least for me, fitness is the main goal for life. Every year, like anyone else I also plan for few resolutions and no doubt being fit is one of them. But with passing months my goal/resolution becomes faded. There are many reasons why I cannot keep up to my goal of being fit.

  1. Time Management: With kids/ jobs and home tasks, hardy get time to hit the gym or go for the walk. With all daily chores, it become quite unrealistic to get time for being fit.
  2. Going alone: Preparing healthy food for alone, going for walk alone cannot be happen for longer duration. You need gang to motivate you and keep the things up.
  3. Unrealistic resolution: Not eating out, eating less, dong exercise everyday can work only for few days but when it comes to longer run, they are quite unrealistic.
  4. Giving up too easily: Its too late to go outside, will start from tomorrow, its too cold outside, nothing wrong if skip one day- have more reasons to leave our resolutions than to take it up.

So here are few things that you can do for keep your resolution up for the longer time period.

  1. Smart wearables: Usage of smart products has changed the way the world works. It’s not really required to hit the gym every day. Taking the stairs instead of lift, opting for lemon juice instead of tea/ coffee, walking to the grocery shop instead of autos are the few simple changes that can really make things simpler and better. Also through smart wearable like fitness band you can track your daily progress. Tracking fitness through smart watches simplify mundane tasks with a click.
  • #Smarthomerevolution: Being fit can be achieved if worked together. Try to include your family members. You can compare your and family daily fitness through smart watches. You can easily order your smart wearable through flip kart which sold up to 40% of smart Watches and Assistant.
  • Keep it realistic: Your fitness goal should be realistic. It should be something which can be achieved easily and with family. As said slow and steady wins the race, that goes with weight loss and being fit as well.
  • Better to be simple: No need of taking something which is hard to follow for the long run. With smart products like Smartwatches, you can change your life for better and also make it simple.

The evolution of technology has changed life for the better. You can easily add smart products to your life and make it easier. Whether being fit or opting for more secure surroundings, smart devices are of great help.

I have opted for smart watch and fitness band for my family, to achieve the fitness goal. With the help of fitness band we are able to track our calorie intake, sleep hours, BP and the calories that we burn. They are a savior for us and have become part of our daily routine.  I highly recommend it to our family and neighbours.

Now its easy to #getftwithflipkart. We have opted for our smart devices what about you?? What smart products are your addition to simplifies fitness for this New Year?