Mini Colorful India- Dilli Haat, INA, New Delhi- Weekend Getaway.


A basket which is not more than Rs.100 and you think it as waste of money being liked by a foreigner and is happy to purchase it at Rs.550, when shopkeeper assures her this is the best price she can ever get and which is done only for her.

South Delhi, posh crowd uttering in English with Hindustani accent among themselves, happy to find a overpriced colorful handmade item which my mom usually referred as Kabara(the junk) and always warn me not to get any such thing.

So if you are witnessing above two situations than chances are great that you have landed up at Dilli Haat, South Delhi. It was used to be one of my favourite weekend destination but due to long distance from Ghaziabad, hardly got chances to visit it during last few years. But finally last weekend I was able to make it to Dilli Haat with Amit and kids. It is like mini colourful India. Here you will get to see a variety of Indian art and craft items. Don’t worry you can make the purchases as well. This place has a lot to offer for everyone kids, foreigners, ladies. It has few fun activities as well. Moreover, you are a shopaholic or loves art and craft, you can easily spend 3-4 hours here.

keep some more cash handy while visiting this place as you may get prey to the beautiful stuff being sold here and can go over budget if visiting first time.

Location: Dilli Haat is located at South Delhi, Sri Aurobindo Marg, Laxmibai Nagar (INA). It is very easily accessible through auto, metro and private conveyance.

When to visit: Weekends and holidays are quite rushy here but that’s the thing I like about this place. You get to see a variety of people from almost all regions of India and internationally too. Its fun to watch how shopkeepers getting good amount of so called handmade items.
Also from time to time, it organises many small cultural events like Teez Mela, Sharbat Mela which are a treat to foodie and travel freaks like me.
*Prevent visiting during daytime and 1st & 16th of any month.

Tickets and timings:
For adults: Rs. 30
For kids(5-12 years) Rs. 20 only
A group of 5 you can buy 5 tickets at Rs 100 only, sounds reasonable, yeah it is..

Timings for summers: 10:30AM-10PM
Winters: 11:00AM-9:30PM

Food: It is full of average hygienic food joints. From Rajasthani to Manipur, Tamilnadu to Bihar you can taste all states speciality here. Prices are reasonable too.

Dos’ and Don’ts
Price Negotiation is must here. You can easily get an item relatively equal to its 40% of the cost being told by the shopkeeper.
keep some more cash handy while visiting this place as you may get prey to the beautiful stuff being sold here and can go over budget if visiting first time.
It is packed with good food joints so no need to carry any food.
If being travelled with small kids, get some finger foods for them.
Accessible for those who are on wheelchairs.
If have small kids, carry their prams for more fun.

Generally, there is no Dont’s for this place, so go with your family/friends and enjoy it to the most. Incase if you have any other details or questions please do connect me HERE

Few Important points:

Virtual tour of Dilli Haat

FoodJoints At Dilli Haat

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  1. Lovely. The tips are very handy of people not attuned to the place and the pictures are awesome. I’ve seen tourists letting themselves taken for a ride by purchasing things four times the original price.

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