Crowded Romantic Gateway/ A honeymoon destination- Manali

Crowded Romantic Gateway/ A honeymoon destination- Manali

“I am tired, I think we should hire horses” I suggested to Amit. He mockingly replied “can’t you see horses poop here and there, right now they are pooping only but if you sit they will die. They wont be able to handle a baby elephant on them.”

Very crowded and the way to Solang was almost filled with poops of the horses but then also Manali was one of our best trip. We went to Manali in year 2012, It was kind of honeymoon trip and we enjoyed it to the utmost. Manali, Himachal Pradesh is one of the very famous honeymoon destination in India. Majorly North Indians, those who cannot afford or manage to go to Singapore/Or any other international location, find a substitute in Manali. Any time of the year you go to this place and will find lovey dovey couples engrossed and enjoying themselves. Ladies flaunting their Chuda and Mehndi and males busy in making their lady love happy.

Why I liked Manali??Good place for couples. Here you won’t feel different and no one will stare at you if you hold your partner’s hand :P. Even the localities here know that you have come there to enjoy so will ask you to make lovestruck poses and will click your good pics.

Secondly, Like Gangtok, it’s not that expensive and here you no need to compromise for your favourite food. If you are pure veg or can’t take garlic in every food item then you are at right hillstation.

Thirdly, Solang Valley offers a lot of adventure sports like Paragliding, riding the Yak, tyre sport, ice skiing and others which keeps you engaged and help you to enjoy it more.

How to go:
It was our backpacker trip, we took Volvo bus from Majnu Ka Tila, North Delhi to reach Manali. They charged us Rs.850 after much negotiations and ref, otherwise 1000 is fixed for one, in which they provide Mineral water bottle plus blanket for each.

It’s better if you book accommodation online, not only you will get good deals but also an easy access during rush days. Guide to book a hotel online

If you are a foodie, don’t worry, this place has lots of options to offer. From Idli dosa to chhole bature. Food here is tasty and reasonable too.

Transportation: From Manali to Solang or Rohtang you have book the taxi or private cabs. Better if you book them with the help of hotel and also plan a day before only. The early you reach there the more you can explore and enjoy. Otherwise might be possible you get struck in traffic jams. If looking for something reasonable go for Mini bus which offers return rides at Rs150/per person.

Don’ts :While going to Solang Valley or Rohtang Pass, you will find many shops offering dresses & shoes claiming to save you from snow but to be frank there is no such need of any such dress. Moreover, I find them idiotic and misfit for me. A windcheater is more than enough and no other costumes are required.

Also don’t simply go with any of the travel agent sightseeing program, do research on google as many sites are on the way to Solang and Rohtang or are not worth watching, so no need to pay extra or devote extra time to them.

Negotiation is a funda which works perfectly well here, oh yes,but not during rush days or vacation days.

Places to visit:
Though Travel agents will tell you large numbers of places to visit as sightseeing tour but these four destination are preferable over any other and believe me these four destinations are only must visit and rest, if you have extra time and energy.

1. Hadimba Temple: Though a small one but like its interior, religious belief and the location.
2. Mall Road: Manali has a good mall road but to be frank not a better one like Mussoorie.
3. Solang valley: It is the one of the major tourist attraction of this destination. During winters Rohtang La takes it place as Solang Valley is hot and has nothing to offer.
4. Anjani Mahadev: One of the best simple trek destination. Simplest Trek-Anjani Mahadev

Best time to visit: December to March is no doubt the best time to visit here. You will find less crowd and mostly couples only. And if lucky you will see snowfall, the best thing.

So if my post motivated you and for next vacations you are planning to Manali, will suggest you to visit Parashar as well. Parashar- must visit. Do write to me if I can be of any help or if liked or unliked my article than also please comment. Thanks

From Manali to Solang Valley

Solang Valley- Paragliding, Skiing, photo booths

Hadimba Devi Temple

10 thoughts on “Crowded Romantic Gateway/ A honeymoon destination- Manali

  1. I’ve been to Manali and Hidimba temple… I like it the most. However, I’ve never been to solan Ghaati but now I’m willing to visit it.
    And now I’m feeling jealous of you… I’ve never experienced snow fall. My bad.

    By the way nice photography……

    1. Thanks for appreciating the photos..I think one time is more than enough for this place. It’s very crowded so instead will suggest you to prefer/try other destinations.

  2. I used to like Manali but now I find it over crowded and dirty. Of course, the tourist, usually the lower end of them are responsible but it seems that no one is interested in its upkeep.

    Hope you had fun in your “kind of honeymoon’?

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