Chanderi – A serene and Historic town in the lap of Madhya Pradesh, A complete travel guide


“Chanderi, 230KMs southeast of Gwalior, in Ashoknagar district of Madhya Pradesh, is located in the north of the Malwa plateau. Chanderi dates back to 11th century. It is blessed with scenic beauty in and around it. While picturesque hills, lakes, and forts sit surrounding it, the exquisite hand-woven Chanderi saris adorn this historic town.”

Chanderi has been swayed over by the several dynasties like Malwa Sultans, Mughals, Bundelas and Scindias. That’s why, one can find different communities like Jains, Muslims, Hindus, to coexist here with harmony and peace.

Day 1:

“Chanderi has so much to see. It’s so Royal and charismatic. Chanderi has more than 60 step wells and 150 small, big monuments and you thought it is only famous for the handloom weaving.” these were my first few words as soon I landed at Chanderi and called Amit. He seemed to guess my excitement and asked me to enjoy the fullest.

Finally, after eight hours journey from New Delhi railway station to Bhopal and then 5 hours ride in the traveler, when I reached Chanderi around 2:00 in the afternoon, I was on cloud nine. To be very honest, when I started for Chanderi from Delhi, I was a bit suspicious about my decision and continuously praying to god to make it worth all the efforts that I have put in. Leaving kids, work, office and other things to visit a destination with friends.

Outside View of Kaushak Mahal

As soon we (I and other fellow bloggers) reached Kila Kothi- our luxurious stay in Chanderi, we were greeted by Kale Bhai. He was our guide, teacher and friend for another three days. He told us how anxious he was to meet all of us. He has prepared and beautifully calligraphed our names in 5 different languages. His handwritten notes seriously made us feel like some celebrity. Further, I was quite amazed to know how gravely he has contributed to the history and preserving the ancient of Chanderi.

After a small meet and greet session with Kale Bhai and other staff of Kila Kothi, we went to our large spacious rooms to relax. oh!! Forget to tell you, Kila Kothi is the same place where Anushka Sharma and Varun Dhawan stayed during the shoot of Movie #SuiDhaaga. Isn’t it exciting?

Thereafter, we went for the simple and yet authentic lunch. Thereafter, waited for our meet with honorable collector – Dr. Manju Sharma and CMO- K.V. Singh of Ashoknagar. Both irrespective of their designations were simple and met us with great warmth and hospitality. After having few minutes discussion on how to promote tourism in Chanderi, The DM mam left for the day while CMO Sir was all excited and help us to get familiar with the historic significance of various monuments in Chanderi.

Some good moments with CMO, Ashoknagar

Kati Ghati, Chanderi Fort, Samadhi of Baiju Bawara, Johar Monument are the few places that we covered the same day. Dinner followed with some healthy interaction with fellow bloggers the day end up with great enjoyment and an instruction to set alarm for tomorrow at 5:30 AM, so that we can see the sunrise in Chanderi.

Day 2:

Chanderi has the calmest sunrise. Though we missed going to the sunrise point but watching it from Kila Kothi was also an experience in itself. The town covered in dark, slowly visible in red-color sunlight, then transformed into orange and finally all lit up. This magnificent view is not to be missed.

Khooni Darwaza, Shahzaadi Ka Rauza, Laxman Mandir, Parmeshwar Pond, and bunkers colony completed our itinerary for the day, followed with local folk music. Dancing on the tunes of local music is most the relished thing so far. Sarawasti Vandana, Baiju Bawara song and few folk songs with the presence of CMO sir, made the evening delightful and pleasant.

Khooni Darwaza, Spooky ins’t it?

There is nothing like steps or songs that you have to recall while dancing on the tune of folk songs, its only about dancing, and that too free. Our day 2 at Chanderi end up with love, laughter and bonding with localities.

Day 3:

From arranging bloggers trips to heritage walks, Madhya Pradesh tourism has left no stone unturned to uplift the tourism in Chanderi. Next morning we were called for a local heritage walk. I was damn excited and the first one to get ready for it. Walking through the labyrinth paths, colorful houses, and exploring localities doing daily chores, I realized how simple is their life.

There were curious faces, faces with intrigue and many with hope that now Chanderi will also get tourist like other Madhya Pradesh states but all were smiling and congeal. Our Heritage walk started from Jama Mazid and end up at Khooni Darwaza. In between, we were shown places where “Stree” movie is shot. Also, shown some beautiful scenic views, incredible locations for photography. Finally treated with yummy samosas and chutney.

some innocent smiles from Chanderi

Thereafter we were treated with delicious local food and Ladoo hosted by Niraj Vardhman ji and boarded our traveler to bid adieu Chanderi and travel back to Bhopal.

How to reach Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh.?

Air: Nearest airports are Gwalior, Bhopal and Devi Ahilyabai Holkar airport, Indore. It is well-connected to Delhi, Mumbai, Varanasi, Lucknow, Kathmandu, Hyderabad, and Kolkata.

Train: The nearest railway station is Lalitpur, which is just 36 km away. So are Mungaoli, just 38 km away and Ashok Nagar which is 46 kms away.

Reaching by Road: Frequent cab service to Chanderi is available from Gwalior, Indore, Bhopal, Shivpuri, Jhansi, Tikamgarh, Vidisha, Sanchi, Lalitpur, Guna, and Ashok Nagar.

Where to Stay in Chanderi??

  1. Kila Kothi: One of the luxurious stay in Chanderi. It is one of the properties acquired by Madhya Pradesh tourism. It provides a luxurious stay to its travelers with all the essential amenities like wifi, toiletries, Air-conditioned rooms and restaurant.

Located on the hilltop, view from Kila kothi is just magnificent.

  1. Tana Bana: It provides the essential amenities to comfortable stay both to the pleasure and business travelers.

Both the hotels are very reasonably priced, well equipped with essential amenities and situated at the convenient distance from renowned places like Jogeshwari temple, laxman mandir, Chanderi fort, Chanderi Museum, and others.

Chanderi View from Kila Kothi

Places to visit in Chanderi

From historic monuments to Chanderi sarees, temples to Mosques, step wells to Sadar Bazaar, Chanderi has lot many to offer to its tourists. For the nature lover, it has that flora and fauna which is Badal Mahal, Kaushak Mahal, Budhi Chanderi, Shehzaadi ka Rauza, Parameshwar taal, Jama Majid.

Outside view of Jama Majid

With over 35000 people, Chanderi is a small town located in the lap of Madhya Pradesh. Instead of being one of the favorite sites for invaders it is so serene, calm and beautiful. Sitting at the Balcony of Kila Kothi you can view whole Chanderi.

This ancient town is a prominent place to address years old grandeurs encompassing natural beauty. Also, people here are a very simple and great host. From our guide- Kale Bhai to weavers I met at bunker’s colony all welcomed us with an open heart and great warmth.

note: This trip was organized by Madhya Pradesh Tourism, views mentioned here are my own.

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  1. […] Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh is a quiet small town covered with hills on its three sides. It is “a town of beautiful dark stone, tall houses, temples, mosques, minarets, and gateways.” Today the fame of residents rests more on the fine silken fabric, woven by its skilled artisans. Many popular philosophers, artists have created their work praising Chanderi, its rich history, architecture, and weavers. […]

  2. Great written. It was high quality and informative blog. Nice photographs especially that innocent smile… captivates everyone’s heart. I wish to visit Chanderi someday.
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