How effective is Weight loss through pills and other mediums?


One of my friend, she is an HR in a very reputed company. She is only 29 years old and has been diagnosed with Kidney problems. As per doctor only 60% of her kidneys are working and soon, may be in next 10 year she has to go through kidney replacement/transplant as well. She is unmarried and now cannot think of marriage as well. Her life has been destroyed/ruined, so her parents.

Having gross kidney problem at such early age, and that too with a girl who never ate anything wrong or smoked or drink. She hardly goes for any party and lives a very simple life. Only for few months she used Organic supplements to lose weight and to be very honest she lost many KGs after eating them. She was given some supplements that she has to eat as her meals and guarantees of losing extra kilos.

Today, again I saw such message on Facebook. Below, I have shared the screenshots for your reference where a lady is telling that she has lost almost 35KGs in 40 days. Heck, the advertisements were so impressive, and more than 50 people mostly ladies have joined her whatsapp group. She messaged me from two different numbers and when I told the reality, she blocked me.

My motive here is not to scare you but, as always being told shortcuts are mostly harmful. May be they help people in losing weight by giving costly supplements but you never know the after effects and why to suffer when we have so many herbs, which not only help in losing weight but also make us look smarter, fit and healthier. So, here is my humble request to all who are suffering from overweight, to give at least one try to Ayurveda and yoga. If anyways you won’t lose the weight, then also you will gain something A Perfect Body with no harmful effects.

attractive ads on fb

like the way they impress ladies

their attractive DP on whatsapp

finally they blocked me 😛

As per my point, loosing weight needs determination and lot of hard work and change in lifestyle and if you are not ready for it, than don’t think about it. Read about my fitness journey and My daily schedule, may be motivate you and help you in becoming #fattofit


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