Baby’s never felt better! Now that they have the All New Mother Sparsh Premium 99% Water Baby Wipes.


Baby’s never felt better! Now that they have the All New Mother Sparsh Premium 99% Water Baby Wipes.

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These 99% water baby wipes are made of thick, unscented, ultra soft natural plant fiber which is of medical grade. These wipes are three times thicker than ordinary baby wet wipes available for sale in the market.

The foremost concern of any mother before using any product and especially something as intimate as a wet wipe on their baby would be it’s composition.

  1. Allergens and parabens free: Mother sparsh is one of India’s best baby wipe brand and they have ensured that this product does not contain any allergens or parabens making sure that your baby’s skin stays fresh and your baby healthy. These wipes are a safe and excellent product to use on your baby’s intimate parts especially if they are prone to allergies.
  1. Created for extra sensitive skin: Mother Sparsh’s unscented 99% water wipes are especially created for the extra sensitive skin of babies. Babies have the habit of putting their dirty hands in the mouth. These wipes can thoroughly clean their hands of dirt naturally without exposing them to chemicals. These unscented 99% water wipes have endeavored to deliver a complete safe and natural cleansing solution. Mother Sparsh is absolutely confident that with this solution they have been able to meet our customers’ requirements.
  1. Natural and non-toxic: This product is excellent for your baby’s extra sensitive skin. These wipes are safe to use on all body parts of your baby as they are natural and completely non-toxic. 
  1. 100% biodegradable: Not only are these wipes great for your babies, they are also eco-friendly and therefore gentle on mother Earth. Once you are done using a wipe, just discard them without any worry. They decompose easily. They are 100% biodegradable. These baby wipes are polyester and alcohol free and also highly absorbent. 
  1. Three times more thicker: New Mother Sparsh 99% wipes are three times more thicker than any of the available wipes in the market.

Where to buy: Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes are affordable and easily available. You can buy them on Amazon, Flipkart and First Cry and also at retail outlets in Delhi and Tamil Nadu. These wipes are reasonably priced at INR 279/- for a pack of 72 wipes and INR 499/- for a combo of 2 packs.

One can often find that the packaging of ordinary baby wet wipes are less effective and eventually the wet wipes start drying up inside the box. But not Mother Sparsh 99% Water Baby Wipes as they come with an innovative moisture-lock technology that keeps the wipes as damp as they were on the day of your purchase.

Mother Sparsh new water wipes has made every moms task easy. Especially while going outside, during winters and when you are super busy, you can opt for these wipes. Even the regular use of these wipes is unharmful and keep the little one skin moist and germs free.

So go ahead and try The All New Mother Sparsh 99% Water Baby wipes as your baby deserves only the best.

Being a mother, I highly recommend mother sparsh baby wipes, what about you? Have you tried them or whats your take?


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