Benefits of Joining Health Community- SHEROES

With the growing use of internet and online applications, there is a tremendous change in the healthcare systems. Now more than 40percent of the educated people are choosing online health communities for health-related problems.

There are some issues which cannot be discussed everywhere and with everyone. Anita, 34 is first time pregnant. She is living in USA with her husband who mostly remains busy with his work. She has queries related to her pregnancy, foetus growth, moments, what to eat or what not to. Though she is loving being pregnant but at the same time also scared of many things. With her going to Gynae every week is not possibles.

Renu, 25 is an Economic student at Delhi University. She is having to live in relationship with her boyfriend. At this age, she wants to concentrate on her studies rather than family planning.

Same way, Ruby,27, who is married and doesn’t want to have a baby for two years whereas her in-laws are pushing her to have a baby. Relatives are advising her to have a baby soon otherwise there can be serious health issues which may lead to infertility. scared she want to discuss it with someone who can guide her in a right way.

However, In everyday’s life, we especially women have many doubts related to health which need to be cleared. Our body is different from men so do our issues. From white discharge to menstrual cramps, PCOS to being pregnant, Hormonal disorder to the delaying of periods, women face many health-related problems.

Nevertheless, I am not saying that they are always the diseases or the sickness but a prpoer guidance is always required so as to differentiate between what is normal or what can be lead to a disease.

Every time, consulting a gynecologist is not possible. Thus there are some online communities which like Sheroes which is the largest online community for the women around the world.

SHEROES is your everyday growth and women empowerment app. It’s a women-only stack of communities that supports and encourages you to unlock your full potential. Whatever you are looking for, be it personal development, career guidance, relationship advice, a healthy lifestyle or contribute to the society, SHEROES helps you achieve that.
With this useful app for women, you can:

Benefits of Joining Online Health Community – Sheroes

  1. Peer to peer interaction- You can connect with like-minded females or the ones who are facing the same health issues. Share each other experience and can also support them.

  2. Doctors in the community to answer all women’s health queries- Various reputed Doctors specialized in respective fields are the part of the online community. Not only you can consult them but also get expert advice if required.

  3. Ask questions related to private or intimate health privately anonymously- There are various health issues which cannot be talked openly. Online health community like Sheroes provides a platform where you can ask your problem anonymously and your identity will be kept secret.

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Connect: Find women around you and connect with them. Join communities that interest you and create a circle of support you can depend upon.

Engage: Debawomen-only cuss the issues that concern you. Be it a government policy or a social taboo or something personal. SHEROES provides you a safe, secure women-only community to talk openly without the fear of being judged.

Support: SHEROES believe that the future is female. And to make it a reality, we need to support each other and help each other grow. SHEROES provides you the platform to not only get support and advice from experts but also provide support to fellow women and contribute to their growth stories.

Grow: From daily articles on career and personal development to inspirational stories of women, you’ll find your daily dose of motivation and self-improvement. “Ask SHEROES” is our women helpline that connects you to experts who can help you with career guidance, relationship advice, parenting, and a lot more.

SHEROES is a space where you can be yourself, have fun, and can learn and grow. It helps you write your own growth story and also be a part of other women’s stories by sharing your experiences, knowledge, and wisdom.

Features of the SHEROES app:

a. Articles: Daily stories, how-to articles, inspirational stories, women news curated to open up conversations around a host of issues you care about.

b. Women Helpline: Talk to expert counselors, one-on-one, for issues related to your career, relationships, or just to talk about your aspirations. SHEROES is there to listen, always.

c. Communities: You can connect, network, and hang out with peers and influencers from all walks of life. The platform allows you to share your everyday achievements and inspire & support each other. If there are things you want to discuss without revealing your identity, you can do so by posting anonymously.

d. Champions: Learn something new every day from our experts across the country. Follow the mentors and receive daily nuggets of knowledge for self-development.
With different communities on the platform, women get the option to join as many as they want, based on their interest.

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