Bangalore from a UP wali point of view. Things that every North Indian can relate to while traveling in Bangalore

bangalore palace

“So what all I can explore in Bangalore?” I asked this question nearly all my friends, social media groups whom I can relate with Bangalore. Out of 10, 9 people suggested not to try anything as 24 hours are too less to explore Bangalore.

Hi friends, this was my first trip to Bangalore and first solo trip of this year as well. The first trip to Bangalore means I have never been to any South Indian city before it. I was very excited excited but at the same time, I was nervous like hell. Though this trip was more of a business trip, since then also I had enough time to explore the city.

Entrance Bangalore Palace

My husband who always came to my rescue, said “You belongs to UP and only your one shout is more than enough to make anyone scared”. So with lots of excitement, little bit fear I started my exploration of Bangalore- First time being to South India.

Nevertheless, people warned me not to try traveling in Bangalore as a distance of half an hour usually takes about two hours in this commercial city. Though late, I too realized this fact as soon as I got down at Bangalore.  I realized the city is not about traveling or exploring anything. Here you can find startups in every home but nothing of that sort to shoot from your lens.

Few pointers that only a true North Indian or UP wala will realize in this commercial city. If agree with me, you can send affirmation with your smiles.

They treat you as foreigners: I asked an autowala for Iskcon Temple which was hardly 10kms from my stay. To my surprise, he asked Rs.600. I was very shocked and at the same time smiling as he is treating me like Bill Gates who is traveling from international location and dying to sit in his auto for the ride.

You can eat with hands– I remember, last time I was eating rice with hands, my in-laws made fun of it and I never tried of it again. But in Bangalore, there are no formalities at all. Eat plenty and eat with hands.

You feel like so very popular– A female with DSLR encounter lots of curious gazes. Especially the South Indians find it curious if a girl is walking with DSLR in her hand. Nothing wrong with it, but being a girl you would love/scared to have that unwanted attention.

No need of loads of clothes: No matter how cold there, if you are from Delhi no need of woolens. I went Bangalore the time Delhi was facing its extreme cold days. People told its quite cold in Bangalore as well but one who has lived the winters of Delhi can never feel cold in any south Indian states. So no need to load clothes.

Curse the way you feel like, hardly understand Hindi– The best thing when I was shouting at a autowala who charged me extra. I did not know how to curse him as he is not understanding Hindi nor English. I was damn frustrated and hence cursed him like anything.

with his due permission, I clicking his picture and suddenly he turned his face

Eat calorie n sit in jam– No body shaming will bother you in South India. Almost 80% of South Indians who are in their 30s are fat. They eat heartily and spend hours in jam. The size of their thali and number of items in it are large. Moreover, they are quite fond of Ghee and include it in most of the food items.

Got this Sagu dosa with loads of butter at Rs.85/only

Surely miss North Indian street foods: Few golgappe walas and that too from UP only can be found on the streets of Bangalore. Otherwise everywhere there is just fragrance of Sambhar which is more than enough to make you sick.

Bananas and peanuts as street foods


If from North India you can tackle them anyways: North Indians can way too smart to tackle them in any situation. So there is nothing like fear or being scared if you are in South India. Anyways its fun, going to a place where you hardly know someone and can relate to.


  1. It seems like you wrote your heart open out. I never been to Bangalore but I heard a lot about this tech city. I really wish to be there for the sake of my favorite South Indian food.

  2. Hahaha hilarious post. I stayed in Bangalore for three years and being a Upite myself, I can relate and understand what you mean. But I truly miss Bangalore except for the traffic part, it’s a lovely place. Especially the aroma of idli dosa sambhar coming from the eat out restaurants 😊


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