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A Ghumakkad (wanderer) Mommy of two naughty kids. Job consultant by profession, blogger by heart and traveller & fitness freak by hobby. Incase you want any info related to your travel, food or fitness do write to me. Also, for collaboration and brand promotion or any query please write at or join me at
Much Needed Vacation- Four Points By Sheraton, Agra

Much Needed Vacation- Four Points By Sheraton, Agra

So how you usually differentiate between a 3 star hotel and 5 star hotel?. For me, the warmth and the cooperation of staff and the steps took by hotel to make it more environment friendly is what all add stars to it. Recently i have stayed in Four Points By Sheraton, Fatehabad Road Agra and is really impressed with their quality staff and services.

Last year, when I was in Mumbai I stayed at Grand Sarovar Premier, Mumbai. It was also a star grade hotel with huge breakfast buffet but the hotel staff was hardly cooperative. While having Breakfast, I inquired one girl about the location where I was supposed to go but she went away saying she is getting some help or information but didn’t turned back. Also they were hardly bothered whether the customers, liked their buffet spread or if any of them really need anything. A solo traveler like me was made more alone and feel secluded whereas with Four Points, The chef Ankit (a real good-looking chap <3) was individually attending the customers and himself taking the feedback. He showed a real warm gesture by personally describing the buffet, live foods and what all customers can have. Also helped customers with choosing what to start with. We actually met with him in the evening while taking lift towards our room and it was nice seeing him greeting the customers in the morning as well. Moreover, One of the other staff started playing with my son once he saw he is getting cranky and not letting us eat anything. Even the front office staff Nitin was very cooperative. I was in Agra for some office work and while coming back from office as Amit already checked into the room with kids. I got late and it was around 8 in the evening. Once I told him, I am damn tired and my mobile battery is exhausted, he asked me to forward the ID proof after getting settled down at my room. The other services like a hair dryer, steam iron, ironing table, placards for washing of towels and bed sheet , and reusable toiletries impressed me more. Luxury doesn't means wastage of resources but it's about economizing and reusing the resources. With so many travel apps and good discounts/deals, living in a Luxury hotel is no more confined to High, sophisticated people only. People like me who are typical middle class can also afford to spend a day or two living in luxury hotels. Read: Hilarious habits of Indian Middle class -Staying in a luxury hotel

Recently with Cleartrip app, I booked my stay in Agra for a night. Though it was an official tour but a good hotel was much-needed for relaxing after so many hectic working days. After applying deals and others, the hotel costed me about Rs.3300 which was inclusive of complementary breakfast. Quite satisfied by the quality services Four Points By Sheraton has offered, it is recommended for the family stay. It has made my weekend more fun and comfortable with its luxurious services.

Taj Mahal view from the hotel

Rooftop pool, indeed good idea but because of 45 degree, it was like a sauna bath

Buffet breakfast at Four Points.

Kids enjoying at Hotel.

Other hotel services which impressed me

Other Agra photos

Happy Mother’s Day!! Mom You are the best

Happy Mother’s Day!! Mom You are the best

My mom is a very simple lady. She is not like today’s moms who are comfortable with whatsapp, speak fluent English and wear jeans and other western dresses. She is a saree clad lady with high thinking. Yet she stress more on reading books than watching movies. When I was born my mom was struggling to find her feet in her career but she decided to give up her career and settled with my grandparents, until I became mature enough to understand the hardships of the life.

She is just like “Mother India”, a woman of substance. During absence of my father due to work, my mother has taken the responsibility of imparting the qualities to us. She has brought us as fine individuals, communicated values more by action than by talking about them. She taught us about the importance of simplicity and austerity. She told us to deal with every human being more sensitively and courteously. She told me that there is no limit to what a determined mind can achieve, but in achieving your goal, don’t compromise on the values of fair play and honesty. Don’t cut corners or compromise to achieve your dreams. I am full of gratitude to my mother who has given her interests, enjoyments , just to give us the best upbringing.

Thanks to #FBB who has given me a chance to dress like my mom and to surprise her. Though due to distance I cannot store her reactions but am sure Mom is going to love my look, showcasing her as my idol. I tried to copy her big size Bindi and inseparable love for the ethnic dress like Saree and suits. Though am not looking even a percent as beautiful as her but still tried my best to be her Shadow whether in terms of her teachings/ rules or clothing.

Weight loss- Why girls are more conscious than men , Diet plan level 2

Weight loss- Why girls are more conscious than men , Diet plan level 2

I don’t care if you call me a feminist, which I may to some extent. I believe, we females are far more superior and better than our counterparts. Think am bluffing? Huh? You must be a male then. Basically we are taught to be perfect and good and made to live a life of struggles and hard works since childhood. Reason being “Male”. For Example, most of the time our Mom is like: “Padh le warna pata nahi kaisa ladka milega? (Study hard otherwise don’t know what kind of guy you will get)
“Khana banan sikh le warna pata hai koi ullu hi milega tujhe.” (either learn cooking or you will get to marry an owl)
“Thoda sa face par kuch laga le warna koi bhoot hi shaadi karega tujhse”. (either get white otherwise you will get to marry a ghost like guy)
and Baap (best) of all is
“Thodi patli ho ja warna Saand hi milega tujhe 😛 (either get slim or you will get a husband like bull)

While for male, they don’t need to do anything. They have to be just “Male”. Black or white, fat or thin, IItian or illiterate they are expected to get Aishwarya Rai only. My God!!Isn’t that couple a perfect example suited here.

Anyways, whatever but we females are and will remain superior to the Males. So there is no need to feel inferior or degraded to them. Though I can’t tell you about above 3 points but believe me last one can be rectified with just few changes to your lifestyle and eating habits.

Hopefully till this time you have tried to follow Diet plan-1 and is used to it. Please note Diet Plan-2 is somewhat rigorous and need great will power to carry on. Start for a week and

Morning: Till 12:00 make sure you are not eating any food grain. Doesn’t matter if you are eating rasgulla or glasses of lassi, back to back but no food grain. You can eat vegetable, fruits, nuts, sweets but please no food grain like rice, wheat and others.

After 12:00 eat what you want to and the quantity you carve for. Don’t stop yourself.

Evening: vegetable soup and dalia or one chapati and that too till 7:00PM, not later than it.

*After 6 in the evening you are not supposed to hog on sugar/ dal/milk or milk products.

I know it may sound difficult but believe me with half an hour exercise or walking + this diet plan you will find a prominent change in your body. Please note am not asking you to stop yourself from eating anything, just eat at right time. Do give it a try for at least a week and do let me know if there are any positive changes or help required.

Also read :Herbs helped me in loosing weight

hilarious habits of Indian middle class-Staying in a luxury hotel

hilarious habits of Indian middle class-Staying in a luxury hotel

Though I am from business class and affluent background, yet my family has all the habits which proves we are best fitted in the level of middle class, a true middle class family. Don’t believe me, lets check with few points. All you have to raise a finger if that happens at your home too.
1. A big polythene to keep all other polythene which we get in daily items (If yes, Raise a finger)
2. Saving and keeping all the boxes that we get in Dal Makhani or rasgullas for the real big time (If yes, Raise another finger).
3. Instead of throwing waste clothes we keep them for getting utensils and even use underpants for dusting or as mop.

So how many fingers ?? Mine is all three.

Its like 7 years before I went to my first ever 5 star hotel or luxury hotel for vacations. It’s not like I have never visited a 5 star hotel but that was for just few hours or for some far off relatives wedding or roka. So it was my first experience and I tried my best to make it happening with new clothes and new etiquette. Below under,are few habits which I think you will also relate to if staying for the first time in a luxury hotel.

Maximum use of swimming pool– No matter you know swimming or have swimming costume but still pool is the first and foremost thing you will love to use and enjoy the most. Right after dinner, before breakfast,after lunch, if not doing anything, pool will be your main attraction.

Flaunting and showing as it’s not your first time: Ok! so it’s very much required to show the housekeeping and other staff that you are used to luxurious stay. But at times this come out to be hilarious when your kids could not stop the excitement and shout, “mumma!! wo dekho ….” Doesn’t matter how hard you have tried/asked them look normal and hide their excitements.

Eating like real bhukkad: Buffet breakfast is usually complementary in luxury hotels. From sandwiches to Dosa, Parantha to muffins and Fresh fruits to coffee, you like to hog on each and everything. Even the stomach get confused and make prayers to end it soon but doesn’t matter you eat as its your last meal on earth. Also try to save few items for lunch as well like nuts, chocolates and others.

Clicking pics and uploading the maximum: You don’t mind clicking yourself even in the bathroom showing its neatness. It’s not you have to be a reviewer or a blogger to click all the pics but then also you want to click number of photos and upload tagging your fancy hotel and showing your fancy room.

Saving all the toiletries for future use: That’s something is not restricted to the first time user only. I know one of my relatives whose all toiletries like soaps, body moisturizer, shampoo, conditioner and at times even bathrobe are from Luxury hotels only. So it is must have if you are visiting to a 5 star hotel.

Using snacks is strictly prohibited: As soon as you enter hotel room, usually happens that kids get attracted and ran for the charged snacks by the hotel. So the best thing is to hide them under table or somewhere else in order to protect them from the kids.

So how many of the above points you can relate to?? do let me know and share with your friends if you really enjoy reading it.