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5 Reason why to visit Lansdowne- A Travel Guide

5 Reason why to visit Lansdowne- A Travel Guide

Another long weekend after Diwali was much needed and the best one to rejuvenate me. Though instant but We(Amit and I) decided to visit Lansdowne for the weekend- starting Friday to Sunday, means three days and two nights. Though this is going to be my second trip to Lansdowne but still looking forward to it.

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Reasons why we decided to visit Lansdowne instead of Dehradhun or Mussorie.

  1. Nearest to Ghaziabad: The time is taken to reach Lansdowne is 5hrs 23 minutes which is one hour less as compared to Dehradun and Mussorie. Also, there is less chance of getting traffic or jams as it is less popular among the travelers.

  2. Serene Beauty: Lansdowne is closest to nature. In Lansdowne, flora and fauna have been maintained and preserved well. You will find boards at every distance giving the message to save trees, save nature. If you are a nature lover, you won’t get bored here.

  3. Calm and peaceful: Lansdowne is not very crowded and famous among the tourists. The main reason is lack of good hotels and big market in main Lansdowne. If you love being close to nature and enjoy the calmness, then I assure you won’t regret coming here.

  4. Cleanliness: Polythene is strictly banned in Lansdowne and believe me that’s the best thing about it. The cleanliness you get here is somewhat missing in other hill stations.

  5. Garwhal regiment: The Garhwal Rifles in Lansdowne is one of the most decorated infantry regiments of the Indian Army. It was originally raised in 1887 as the 39th (Garhwal) Regiment of the Bengal Army. It then became part of the British Indian Army, and after the Independence of India, it was incorporated into the Indian Army.

20134725_10155432509163788_1926875854_n 5 Reason why to visit Lansdowne- A Travel Guide
Entry fee in Lansdowne



Hi Friends,

Mobile is a necessity?

Meet me, my name is “Emote”(after seeing me, people get multiple emotions). Today is my second birthday and am sad. I am really sad because I am alone in a dark small cubicle, which is filled to the top and hardly gets any attention.. I am a small black device which is loved by youngsters, kept because of need by elders and kids love to watch cartoons or play games in me. Yes!! you get it right, I am a mobile phone. I belong to a very reputed family. My father is expensive, so do my mother. Though I am not very expensive like my parents but people considered me as expensive and therefore am available with few modern high-class people only.

giphy-5 #cleanUPCashOut
my recent condition 🙁

Why did I want to sell my old phone?

You know my life was not same before. Just before few days, I was very popular among girls. The girls used to make pout, smiles to get my focus. They make faces, smiles, laughs and sometimes get serious after seeing me but still, they love me the most. I am their best friend. They take me everywhere with them, everywhere means everywhere- including loo or washrooms.

Yeah!! I was really the luckiest, few days before until my charming lady(CL) got another one from Dad on her 20th birthday. I admit, the new one may be more beautiful, golden in color and has more updated features than me but still, I was her first love. How can she forget me and get busy with the new one? 🙁

Condition of my old phone

If phones would have tears, then I could have shown you my tears and I am sure they might get a flood in at least your bathroom mug. My condition is becoming worst day by day. My charming lady’s mom first put me in the bedroom, then shifted me to a secluded drawer in the storeroom. I always knew that old lady hates me as I heard saying to my CL that I had destroyed her brain and one day will destroy her eyes too. She many times even cursed me “Aag lag jaaye isko”, “jis din tootega us din achha hoga” and many others such thing. But I used to endure all these as my CL was really a nice, sweet and beautiful lady. As soon as she gets dressed beautifully she used to search for me. 24*7 I used to be with her only. Beautiful memories..Ahhh!!

Ways I tried to sell my old phone

Since last few days, CL’s mom could not see me inside her home. As per her Diwali is coming and I am like a waste and garbage which is of no use. She tried to use many tricks to sell me. First, she tried to sell me to Geeta aunty(the maid) but when she told her, she doesn’t have so much money and will be paying in installments, she again kept me in the drawer. I have spent only two days in the drawer, again she tried to sell me to the society’s watchman but he told her I am out of his budget, and again I was in that dirty drawer. She tried to sell me to every vendor, cab driver, neighbor and even sweeper but had no luck.

Cashify is the online Website for selling the old gadgets. Cashify( help in unlocking the highest price for your old gadget with the least amount of effort. Through their localized network of professional buyers across the country, are able to sell their old or used gadgets in the fastest way possible and get the best customer experience. They say – “Sell Fast & Easy”, and mean it!

Last night was the worst for me. It shattered all my spirit and confidence, when my CL’s brother asked for a new phone on this Diwali, CL’s mom told him to take me for the time being but he rejected saying this phone is too old, only apt for museum and all his friends will make his fun if he will carry a device like me. Shattered me!! my dreams!! and my life!!

Cashify- My Saviour

Shhhh..seems someone is coming. Oh no, she is again taking me to somewhere, but guess what this time handed me to a guy with smiling face. She is thanking him and also appreciating him for the excellent and fast service. My CL has also come and mom told her that the guy belong to Cashify.

“Cashify is the online Website for selling the old gadgets. Cashify( help in unlocking the highest price for your old gadget with the least amount of effort. Through their localized network of professional buyers across the country, are able to sell their old or used gadgets in the fastest way possible and get the best customer experience. They say – “Sell Fast & Easy”, and mean it!

The various benefits of selling old gadgets on Cashify are many but I quote few:
Get Instant Price Quote
Assured Sale Guaranteed
Assured Hassle-Free Experience
Privacy Of Information
Free Device Pick-Up
Instant Cash Delivered At Your Doorstep”

Hearing this I was really happy that at least I am going in safe hands and now there won’t be everyday drama for selling me. I was more happy seeing my CL doing Bid adieu to me and the guy telling her “one man’s waste could be another’s resource”.

ThankGod!! there is someone who knows my real value and appreciates my existence.

Guys, how you liked my blog, please comment and there is some good news now you can avail an additional Rs.250 on the sale of your old gadgets, using coupon code CLEANCASH. So hurry, and let the waste out of your home.

Delhi Meri Jaan- #CelebratingSuper

Delhi Meri Jaan- #CelebratingSuper

“Yeh Dilli Hai Mere Yaar, Bas Ishq Mohabbat Pyaar
Basti Hai Mastano Ki Dilli Dilli, Gali Hai Deewano Ki Dilli…
Bolo Bolo Milo Se Dilli Dilli, Bolo Bolo Milo Se Dilli
Basti Hai Mastano Ki Dilli Dilli, Gali Hai Deewano Ki Dilli”..

OK, whether you believe it or not but so far of all the destinations, cities that I have traveled in India- Delhi is the best one among all. Delhi has a lot to offer and has something for everyone. From south to north, east to west this stretch of 1484 sq KMs is a mix of various religion, caste, community, and creed.

giphy-6 Delhi Meri Jaan- #CelebratingSuper
my reaction when someone ask me why you love Delhi…

At one side whereas Old Delhi is popular among foodies, South Delhi is a hub for the shopaholic. Also Cannaught Palace is a favorite destination for brand lovers and college students. Delhi University, FMS, Lotus Temple, Airport, we have everything which makes it superior to any other place. Believe me, whether alone but you wont feel bored in this city.

Delhi is one of my favorite places, not because it is the capital of our country or I have spent 32 years of life in this beautiful city but because it is the only “massive metropolitan” city in Northern India.

So far, there are many positive efforts which have been taken in Delhi NCR to enable its residents to live a super life! Banning of crackers, the introduction of Metros are efforts by Government to transform Delhi into a smart city and a better city. Moreover, not only the government but the companies like Vodafone {} are also making their contributions to make it more beautiful.

Vodafone India, has been chosen by almost over 210 million Indians.

Vodafone is the global leaders in the world of telecommunication because of its knowledge of global best practices along with deep exposure to local markets. Since commencing operations in 2007, they have consistently been awarded for a best-in-class network, powerful brand, unique distribution and unmatched customer service. Few of the initiatives taken Vodafone for the betterment of Delhi and its people are as follows:

Start-up revoltion
Vodafone is at the heart of the start-up revolution. They usually help startups during their incubation stage by giving them Vodafone products that help them in their business in the initial days. Sometimes, the products given for free are to the tune of Rs. 2,00,000. (A few startups they have supported are Oyo and Zomato).
giphy-6 Delhi Meri Jaan- #CelebratingSuper

Free Wi-Fi zones
Vodafone is digitally connecting Delhi & NCR with Free Wi-Fi Zones. There are more than 120 such hotspots across Delhi & NCR such as DLF Mall of India, Fortis Hospital, Delhi Haat, Khan Market, Airport, etc. Vodafone created the first Wi-Fi bus shelter in Gurgaon to take another step towards digitizing Delhi & NCR. The Free wi-fi can be used for 20 minutes irrespective of whether they are Vodafone customers or not.
giphy-6 Delhi Meri Jaan- #CelebratingSuper

Choice of 1.2 crore customers
Vodafone is the choice of 1.2 crore customers in Delhi and NCR: 1.2 crore customers use Vodafone in Delhi NCR, which is almost half the population of Delhi. Vodafone receives 1 customer appreciation every 30 seconds.
giphy-6 Delhi Meri Jaan- #CelebratingSuper

Air Purifying bus shelter
Vodafone has enabled many key initiatives for the betterment of Delhi & NCR. Vodafone created the first Air-Purifying bus shelter in the city so that people could breathe non-polluted air while waiting for a bus. Last year air pollution in Delhi had reached a new height, that’s when this initiative was undertaken.

Celebrating Super
This year, Vodafone Delhi is urging people to celebrate a Green Diwali. There will be Super Crackers available at our 52 Vodafone stores from 16th – 19th Oct. These Super crackers are filled with eco-friendly plant seeds. All one needs to do is plant it and let the plant bloom. This is also a key initiative taken in the wake of the Supreme Court banning firecrackers in the city.

Delhi is our Country’s capital and it is our duty to make it safe, smart, clean and pollution free for our betterment only. Government and Vodafone have taken the initiative and started making efforts in order to make Delhi a better place to live in and now its our turn to do something for it or at least by supporting or appreciating the effort taken by government and corporates like Vodafone to make it a smart city.

5 things every Indian female will hear if planning to travel solo

5 things every Indian female will hear if planning to travel solo

Have you ever tried traveling solo? Its one of the best way to be you and to gain confidence but in India traveling solo is something beyond imagination especial when its related to females. Females solo travelers are being treated with surprise and statements which are hilarious as well as irritating at times.

  1. Who else is going with you: Doesn’t matter, how much you stress on word “Solo” but still family, friends, relatives, neighbors and even your building watchman will ask this question to you “who else is going with you?”. It looks as if for them traveling solo means traveling in groups or with friends.
  1. How you will manage: “You are very young”, “you cannot manage for an hour”, “who will wash your clothes”? “what you will eat” and all blah blah. Be prepared for all the excuses that can make you rethink about going solo for vacations.

giphy 5 things every Indian female will hear if planning to  travel solo

  1. It’s not very safe: Female and going solo is strictly prohibited in Indian society. The society feels women don’t have that courage and strength to manage things on their own.

giphy 5 things every Indian female will hear if planning to  travel solo

  1. You don’t know how the outside world is: They will behave as if it’s your first day on earth and you have not intelligence and analytical power. Though I admit that outer world is gross but it is still manageable if we take some precautions and be more cautious.

giphy 5 things every Indian female will hear if planning to  travel solo

  1. First, complete your responsibility then go wherever you want: Ths is the last and most effective tool and mostly used by Moms and wives. No matter how firm you are on your decision of traveling solo, if this tool is used with tears, then you have to change your decision.

giphy 5 things every Indian female will hear if planning to  travel solo

SO if you are really want to travel solo suggests you be ready to face many questions and eyes that which hardly believe on your decision until you came back safely. But believe me traveling solo is real fun and experimental.

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5 Indian foods to carry while travelling with kids

5 Indian foods to carry while travelling with kids

I still remember how our Sikkim, Gangtok trip got ruined as Tomato(my daughter) had become cranky. Travelling with kids is not easy but it is comfortable if their stomachs are filled. It’s a proven fact that a hungry child can be super cranky and able give you a headache anytime. I am a mother of two kids and also a travel freak. My daughter is 5 years while my son is 1.6 years old.

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In this post, we will discuss the Indian foods which we, the mothers can carry on long-haul flights, trains or while going for vacations. I have categorized the food items into two parts- first, one for the infants and the second one is for kids. They are the instant baby foods and also help you in managing your kids better.

Indian food to carry while traveling for infants up to 1 years

  1. Homemade Cerelac for Baby: For making this, mix about 2-3 tablespoons of Cerelac powder in the required amount of warm milk that can be easily carried in a thermos flask and that’s just about it. Cerelac, homemade or packaged, is not only a great source of nutrients but will keep the baby full for longer, thus eliminating the need of in-between snacking.

download-4 5 Indian foods to carry while travelling with kids

  1. Fruit Puree Recipes for Babies: Fruit purees are the most loved substitute among mothers to start as first foods. These are highly nutritious, simple to prepare and easily digestible. Loaded with crucial vitamins and minerals, they make for excellent takeaway foods.

The most common are apple puree, mango puree and banana puree. To make a puree, of any kind, all you need is a fruit and a fork. Simply mash the fruit in a clean bowl using a fork. You can add a little warm milk to make the consistency a little runny so that your baby is able to gulp it down with ease.

  1. Formula Milk/Breastmilk: Milk is seen as a health drink for babies and adults alike. It serves as the “complete food” because it is rich in a range of nutrients. Therefore, it becomes but obvious to carry milk while away from home.

While traveling, breastfeeding is the first alternative that comes to mind. It is the most convenient and can be done anywhere. However, some might not feel comfortable doing it in a public place. In such cases, you can make use of a breast pump. It allows you to store your milk beforehand and use it as and when required.
If breastfeeding is not possible, another option is to carry formula milk. Formula milk can be prepared by mixing powdered formula with the desired amount of water.One important thing to note is that Formula milk contains a protein called “Casein” which takes the time to digest, hence formula-fed babies go longer between servings.

download-4 5 Indian foods to carry while travelling with kids

  1. Porridge: Porridge is another wholesome option that comes in handy while on the go. Feeding porridge to your baby on a regular basis offers numerous benefits. Rich in fiber content, porridge also contains protein, magnesium, iron, zinc, antioxidants, and vitamins B and E. These many benefits rolled into one can help boost the immune system and fight infection against diseases.

download-4 5 Indian foods to carry while travelling with kids

  1. Oatmeal: Oats can be introduced your baby’s diet after he/she turns 6 months old. They are rich in fiber, protein, and calcium and are soothing to your baby. It has been found that babies enjoy the taste of oatmeal cereal more than that of rice cereal. Now, if you want to make sure that your baby eats the food, be sure to pack their favorite oatmeal for the trip.

download-4 5 Indian foods to carry while travelling with kids

Indian food to carry while traveling for kids above 1 years

  1. Thepla: Thepla is a famous Gujarati food. I call it the ‘wonder food’ for moms. It can be served with anything, easy to carry, doesn’t get spoilt and is super healthy. It is like roti or paratha made with fenugreek leaves. The good part is that even if you are not an expert most local food stores stock it so its always easily available. Thepla can be had with Pickle, Yogurt or just plain topped with butter.

download-4 5 Indian foods to carry while travelling with kids

  1. Atte ke Laddu: It is a yummy sweet. A special delicacy of Rajasthan as well as Gujarat. Atte ke Laddoo is served as Prasad in many pujas. During Ganesh Chaturthi, the ladoo is made. This is all healthy and also rich in nutritions.

download-4 5 Indian foods to carry while travelling with kids

  1. Banana Chips: An important part of the Kerala tradition. Banana chips are deep-fried or dried slices of bananas. They can be sweet or spicy depending on the recipe. If covered with sugar or honey, they have a sweet taste. If fried in oil and spices, they would taste salty. Banana chips contain many minerals such as Fiber, Iron, and Potassium.

download-4 5 Indian foods to carry while travelling with kids

  1. Makhana or nuts: Makhana is a plant also known as Euryale Fox. The white seeds which are part of the plant are edible. In Punjab and Eastern parts, it is often roasted and fried. Makhana is roasted and sprinkled with spices, it is a tastier and healthier snack.A light snack to satisfy your cravings between meals and it is also used to prepare makhana kheer. I love to shallow fry it in ghee and sprinkle some rock salt for the kids.

download-4 5 Indian foods to carry while travelling with kids

  1. Mathri, gajak and Khakra: Meethi, gajak and Khakra are food made of mat bean, wheat flour and oil. They are crunchy, healthy snacks that come in varieties. And can be eaten with pickle, butter or chutneys. This is great if food is not accessible or you are staying in place where a limited variety of food is available or the resort is far away and room service is the only option.

download-4 5 Indian foods to carry while travelling with kids

So from now onwards, whenever you are traveling with toddler or baby try opting for few of the above options. I am sure, not only your kids but you will also enjoy trip more than before.

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