Are you also neglecting your Child’s Oral care?? Tips to take care of your child’s teeth at home


My recent visit to the dentist has given me goosebumps. My daughter who is 5 years has a cavity. Also, her habit of thumb sucking can lead to having permanent changes to her jaw shape, bite, and teeth. Even dentist suggested a proper oral care routine for both the kids (my daughter 6 and boy 3), which was being neglected as something unimportant.

A child’s dental care is an important part of his overall development. But we as Moms sometimes neglect it over other physical development thinking as unimportant. Growing up, a child should learn to take care of his teeth. Therefore, there is an urgent need to develop healthy habits in children while they are young,to take care of their teeth/Oral care is important. This can avoid many problems that result from poor oral health, including gum disease, cavities, and tooth decay.

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Here are some important brushing tips to take care of Child’s Oral care:

1. Don’t use sharp objects in mouth: Kids generally put anything in their mouth which can harm their teeth. Keep a check on your kids, make their surroundings secure and remove all the sharp objects which may harm them. Putting sharp objects in the mouth can be hazardous to the teeth and gums.

2. brush teeth from the front, back, and side: Many times, LO brush teeth from front only, skipping the back and sides. They should be taught about the proper method of brushing teeth from all angles. The gentle circle on teeth and gums may help in getting a fresh mouth.

3. avoid sugary snacks and drinks between meals: Having sugary snacks, candies, chocolates between the meals can cause harm to the little teeth. The sweetened drinks should also better to be avoided. They usually stick to the teeth and cause harm to them.

4. avoid brushing after eating acidic food: Brushing right after the acidic foods like lemon, oranges should be prevented. Brushing soon after having acidic food can cause enamel erosion. AIso, it is better to avoid brushing soon after cold drinks too.

5. spit after brushing, do not swallow: Child should not swallow the toothpaste, fluoride found in toothpaste is toxic and can cause several damages to the health of your LO.

6. take one to two minutes to brush well: Everytime I ask my daughter to brush teeth she just come back in few nanoseconds. The right way to brush the Teeth is for at least one or two minutes, every day and twice a day.

7. use a small amount of fluoride toothpaste and a small, a soft brush: Not every brush and toothpaste are right for the kids. Nowadays there are many brands which are coming up with the kids’ dental care kit. Choose the right one from them for your kids.

8. brush twice a day Child should be made with the habit to brush twice in a day. Night brush is as necessary as morning brush. The bacteria in the mouth are more active while sleeping, therefore, the child should be made sleep only after brushing at night.

9. talk to your dentist about the best way to clean your teeth: We sometimes neglect the importance of dentist and dental regular check-ups for our child, thinking it as trivial. Until and unless the problem doesn’t get severe we hardly ponder over it. Make a regular visit to the dentist at least once every six months and consult about the best way to clean LO teeth.

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  1. Dental Care is important for everyone, I believe we ourselves too should have set regime for kids to follow. Thanks for noting down the points to follow

  2. I use fluroide free toothpaste for my son so that even if it goes in the stomach it doesn’t harm him..

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