Yes am a fitness blogger and one who has lost about 20 kgs in a year but t be honest, am no genius who can tell you how to lose weight, It’s just I can share my experiences and views with you. Being healthy is no rocket science, it determine how much you love and admire yourself.

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When a year back, I thought of loosing weight I was quite apprehensive as may not be able to get back to my pre pregnancy weight but still wanted to be fit, fit into my old denim. And believe me once I started loosing weight, it’s just I started loving my body and now I weight 2Kgs lesser than my maiden weight. i was never so slim and healthy that am today.

Everyone wants to be healthy and yet we struggle with it a lot. The biggest problem is to be healthy, you worry about the extra time which you will have to take out in your life or the morning sleep you will have to sacrifice for that yoga class. Being healthy might also mean that you will have to sacrifice your food and switch to a diet you don’t like. You almost feel judged whether you are doing enough. And then with these thoughts in your mind, health becomes this difficult pursuit resulting in a constant struggle to make it a part of everyday life.

But I have found my own ways of staying fit and heart healthy, able to sustain them towards my journey to stay fit and have a healthy heart. Instead of opting for something different or out of way I tried to be #ApneTareekeSeHealthy.

  1. Taking out my daughter to learn cycling. This way she learnt cycling and I get to walk, more time with kids and also an attachment with kids.

  2. Instead of washing clothes with washing machine, I prefer washing them with hands and also going to roof for drying them. This way, I used to climb stairs and also get sunlight which is really needed for stronger me.

  3. Instead of using any cooking oil, I switched to Saffola Cooking Oil with balanced fatty acids ensure to reduce body cholesterol. It has antioxidants which makes you stay healthy with goodness of oil.

  4. Who don’t love to eat fried or junk food, so instead of opting for fried food, I have started using air fryer, hence we are not deprived of our favorite food but of calories.

    I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda