A place where still the barter system works- Weekend Gateway, Vrindavan


It is not the first time we are visiting Vrindavan, but it was the first time we became tete o tete with the monkeys. The monkeys will run away with your belongings and to get them back you have to bribe them. Usually, the localite came to rescue with frooti or other food items. They keep these items handy and made available to monkey for some extra bucks.

Barter still works at Vrindavan

When we Dilli walas long for traveling and have just weekend in hand- Vrindavan, Mathura is the first one on our list. Just three hours away, all thanks to Yamuna expressway you can easily plan your one day trip to Vrindavan and come back refreshed and rejuvenated.

Vrindavan is one of the famous pilgrimages of Hindus, located at the banks of river Yamuna. Vrindavan holds importance as it is believed Deity Krishna spent his childhood here. God Krishna had done many Leelas in Vrindavan. It is believed to have that special aura which makes you feel near to God.

So this time on the occasion of my nephew’s birthday we made travel plans to Vrindavan. On Saturday afternoon, With Equal number of adults and kids we started for Vrindavan. Let me tell you ours is a foodie family, you can though guess it from our size so few food breaks which were mandatory, extended our travel time.

So food items which are just to try during your travel Vrindavan are

Kulhad wali Chai with pakoras

Fruit chaat/ Salad from road side

Chaat near bankey Bihari temple

Lassi at market

Peda as prasad

Finally, We reached Vrindavan around 4. And the next thing we did is the finalization of the accommodation. With one of our reference, we came to know about Sukhdhaam Dharamshala which is newly built. It is situated on the bank of river Yamuna. Sukhdhaam is very well equipped with all modern day facilities. Rooms are no less than any starred hotel. Open gym, swimming pool, temple, and play area for kids are a few of its attraction. But above all, I liked the Gaushala. Sukhdhaam has more than 100 cows from all over India. If staying there, don’t forget to relish the non-contaminated milk of Desi cows.

After leaving our luggage in Sukhdhaam we started for temples, which were about 4-5KMs from there.

Must visit temples in Vrindavan

Banke Bihari Temple: We started with Banke Bihari Temple in Vrindavan. One of the oldest and crudest places. It is located at one of the lybrinth path. After a certain distance for Banke Bihari templeyou have to walk to reach at this temple. The lanes to these temples are full of shops- food shops, Prasad shops and many other shops where you can’t really stop yourself from buying. It is believed that banke Bihari once out of love went with one of the devotee, that’s why after every few minutes Pandas obstruct the darshan with a curtain.

  • Special points: It’s better to go any other day than weekends, holidays as otherwise there will be gush of cthe rowd. Instead of taking help of Pandas at Banke Bihari Temple, opt to go inside the temple and purchase the ticket of Rs.100 for special darshan.
  • The most feasible time for darshan is afternoon. Don’t try for arti time during vacations or special occasions. For every tikka or Prasad, you have to pay money, so its better to keep a lot of change to facilitate them. Mobile phones and specs need to be specially taken care of and saved from monkeys.

Prem Mandir:  After Banke Bihari Temple, we went to Prem Mandir. It is one of the largest temple in Vrindavan. As it is beautifully lit with different color lights, therefore advisable to go during evening hours.

To completely admire Prem Mandir at Vrindavan, you need at least 2 hours. So better to plan accordingly. Photograph is strictly prohibited inside the temple.

Nidhivan: It is believed that every night Shree Krishna come here to have Rasleela with Gopis. Also, it is believed anyone who tried to find out the reality behind the history of Nidhivan is either dead or gone mad. Every tree in Nidhivan depicts a  gopi. The trees are dense at the top which resembles a dancing gopi.

Special Points for Visit to Vrindavan, Mathura

  • Beware of pandas
  • Its better to opt for rickshaws than going by car
  • Don’t indulge too much into street food
  • Beware of monkeys

Save your specks, save your mobile and hide all your belongings too”. As soon as we stepped on the land of Vrindavan, Mathura people start warning us. Reason being Amit is specky and is not ready to put his specks down.

The Monkey’s will ran away with your belongings and to get them back you have to bribe them. Usually, the localite came to rescue with frooti or other food items . They keep these items handy and made availiable to monkey for some extra bucks.

Oh, it’s not a free service. The localities charges from Rs 20 to Rs. 50 depending on the intensity of the situation and also the nature of the customer.


  1. After reading your post, I am recalling the times when they said monkeys were descendants of humans. Atleast they are behaving like one. Vrindavan is such a beautiful place if we go on a peaceful day.

  2. Vrindavan is among those holy places where everybody wants to go ateast once in their lifetime. I haven’t been to the place yet but would be visiting it soon.

  3. I have been to Mathura & Vrindhavan last year, and out of all the places Prem Mandir was my favorite. Loved the blog, it was like going back to that time, thank you for sharing!

  4. Haha. Been there done that. I too went to Vrindavan long back and Monkeys are too much devastating there. But its a beautiful weekend gateaway.

  5. Monkeys are such a nuisance in Vrindavan. My family has suffered repeatedly from their wraths, from my grandpa to father to cousins. The last time, my husband was the victim of getting his spectacles stolen by those animals.


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