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Methi Ki Launji with Raisins and Almonds- prepared in 5 minutes only.

Nowadays especially, we women face a lot of health issues due to deficiency of Iron in our daily diet. Every second woman in India is iron deficient. Iron-deficiency anemia reduces the work capacity of a woman bringing serious social, lifestyle and economic consequences in her life.Few of the common symptoms are feeling tired, pale skin, […]


Increase Pollution Level In Delhi/NCR- Precautions & Remedies

In this post, we will discuss the recent problem – Increase in Pollution level in Delhi/NCR- Precautions and Remedies Delhi pollution has achieved another target of an increase in air pollution than the permissible level. If you are taking it as cold or fog than please wake up. The situation is worse than ever. The […]

Fitness Food

5 ways to deal with overeating.

India is a land of festivals, from starting of the year to the end of the year, we have multiple reasons to celebrate. Every eve means feasting and food. Going to a party is obviously mean eating, drinking, and dancing, which means getting diverted from our routine and indulge into overeating or more of calories. […]