8 best things to do in Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh

                    <blockquote>Mujhko bhi tarkeeb sikha koi yaar juu’lahy

                         Aksar tujhko dekha hai ek tana bunn’te
                           Jab koi dhaga toot gaya ya khatam hua
                       Phir se baandh ke aur sira koi jodh ke us mein
                                  Aage bunn ne lagte ho

                                   Tere is ta’ne mein lekin
                    Ik bhi gaanth girah buntar ki dekh nahi sakta hai koi

                           Maine to ek baar bunna tha ek hi rishta
                  Lekin uski saari girhain saaf nazar aati hain mere yaar juu’lahy

                       Mujhko bhi tarkeeb sikha koi yaar julahey</blockquote>
                                                -------by Gulzar

handeri, Madhya Pradesh is a quiet small town covered with hills on its three sides. It is “a town of beautiful dark stone, tall houses, temples, mosques, minarets, and gateways.” Today the fame of residents rests more on the fine silken fabric, woven by its skilled artisans. Many popular philosophers, artists have created their work praising Chanderi, its rich history, architecture, and weavers.

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Here are the 8 best things to do in Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh.

  1. Shopping of Chanderi Sarees/Suits: It is the weaving tradition that occupies the pride of place in any account of Chanderi today. This ancient town’s residents main occupation is handloom weaving. Go for some shopping at weavers’ colony. Here you will find good deals and variety of Chanderi cloth, enough to make your woman happy.

Chanderi Saree
Pic credit: Jaunting Journeys

2. Dancing on the beats of Folk Songs: Folk songs may not be easy to understand but they are the best to enjoy. During my recent trip to Chanderi, get to enjoy the famous Rai dance. The Rai dance of Baghelkhand is performed by a man disguised as a woman to the accompaniment of the musical instruments dholak and nagara. Shree Param Ji, who is also a school teacher, performed Saraswati Vandana to Baiju Bawara songs with his team with such proficiency that was made to dance.

3. Treat yourself with authentic Chanderi Local food: In Chanderi, for the first time, I relished on such delicious Churma Ladoo and dal tikka. They were arranged by our host Niraj Vardhman ji. Poha is another specialty of Chanderi. Don’t forget to add garnishing of coriander leaves, chopped onion, tomato, and bhujiya to poha to make it more delicious.

Dal Tikkad
pic credit: Praveen Dua


4. Go for local Heritage walk with friends: Chanderi is full of historical monuments and buildings. They have vivid history and will be a reference point to the glorious past. It will help to understand history and the ancestry that binds us together. Khooni Darwaza, Jauhar Monument, Samadhi of Baiju Bawra, Chakla Baoli, Jama Mazid, and many others big and small monuments, make it more interesting.

Heritage walk

5. Enjoy the calmest Sunrise at Chanderi : Chanderi has the calmest and most beautiful sunrise. The sun itself just peeking out of the horizon, behind the trees. Its brilliant rays already shined brightly and began to warm the air. Then the colors merged into neon pink and peach. Wake up early morning to watch such a mesmerizing scene.

pic credit: Praveen Dua

6. Photography at Koshak Mahal: Koshak Mahal is one of the significant secular buildings in Chanderi. Koshak Mahal is set in landscaped gardens, the stunning edifice rises four floors high, a remarkable feat of engineering of the 15th Century.

Koshak Mahal

7. Blessings at Shri Jageshwari temple: Going down the several stairs, finally reached an old temple- Jageshwari Temple. There are many stories associated with this temple. Several natural springs, whose water is considered sacred, flow down the cliffside near the temple. Shrouded in greenery, with sounds of birds, monkeys, and cascading water, the temple has the atmosphere of being set deep within a forest.

8. Be a part of Cross-Cultural celebrations: Due to its strategic location, Chanderi had been coveted by the rulers of the north. The Malwa Sultans, Mughals, Bundelas and Scindia are few dynasties came to hold sway over the town. Therefore In Chanderi, you can witness the temples, mosques, minarets standing together. Even there is a mix of people who enjoy all the festivals together.

Ramnagar Palace, Chanderi.

Awesome view, Badal mahal, Chanderi

Badal mahal, Chanderi

Budhi Chanderi

Budhi Chanderi

Budhi Chanderi

Chanderi Museum, closed on Friday


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