7 best unknown places in NorthEast India to de-stress with your bridesmaids


Neha, 27 is going to get married next month. Though she knows the guy and his family, since years but still the idea of getting married gave her goosebumps. So, to relax and destress her, planned a destination trip with her bridesmaids.

Yes!! planning a trip to unknown places with bridesmaids is a new trend in the town. This trend is also gearing up because of the formalities involved in and after the marriage. This not only help in destressing, relaxing, rejuvenating but also getting prepared for the new beginning of life. Nowadays, not only guys but girls are also planning destination bachelorette.

“The secret to happy marriage is going to the unknown places and relax with your bridesmaids”

Benefits of choosing a trip with your bridesmaids

Relaxing or destressing may can be the main reason to chose a trip with the bridesmaids. But a trip planned before marriage, give you more “your” time which may not be possible due to hectic shopping, deciding wedding cards/gifts, sitting hours for grooming and beauty session and most importantly long talk with your would-be partner.

One benefit to hosting a destination bachelorette party is that you and your favorite friends get to experience somewhere new—and that sometimes means traveling to a place your friends may have never gone otherwise. “One of my friends held her bachelorette party in Unakoti,” says Rajni, “and at first, I didn’t want to go. Unakoti just isn’t on my travel bucket list. But I got talked into it, and I am so glad I went.”

A destination bachelorette is a fun if well planned. It can be planned for two to three days with your girl gang. There are many reasons to chose Northeast over other places. Whether summer, winters or rainy seasons it is heaven for the travelers. From nature to roads, spas to hotels, temples to wild sanctuary you can chose anything depending on your interests. Here are the 7 best unknown places in NorthEast India to de-stress with your bridesmaids.

1. Enjoying Sunset at Manjuli Island, Assam

From fierce orange to peaceful red, if you want to experience the beauty of The sun hiding inside the water, then Manjuli island is not a place to miss. Here you can sit on a ferry with bridesmaids and can enjoy the beauty of nature for hours. You can try to boat to the maximum to touch the Sun until it hides away. While the arrangement may be basic, the entertainment aboard these vessels something you will get nowhere else. Be it the locals singing folk songs, be it the sweet air of the mighty Bramhaputra kissing your face or be it the glorious sunset that you witness if you are sitting/standing on the upper deck.

2. Surrounded by Colourful gardens at Martam

Martam literally means “The lap of God“. And indeed the place is heavenly. It is a small village surrounded by two rivers. The chirping of the birds, ripple of the water falling from mountains and raindrops on green leaves attracts you then this place should top your list. These sounds are the nature’s best sound to relax and de-stress oneself.

3. Exploration spree at Unakoti

Located at the mid of thick jungles, Unakoti is mountains having colossal faces. If you have an interest in history and Archaeology, then this destination is not to be missed. At Unakoti, you will witness the rich cultural Indian history. The gigantic figures of Hindu gods are being carved on large rocks. It is said the Unakoti have mountains that have eyes.

4. Party all night and day at The Ziro Island

Who doesn’t like to be a part of the rock concert which is there for days and nights? The Ziro Island is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Northeast states. The musical performance by various bands/ vocalists will surely be made you forget about all the worries and stress.

5. Get awakened at Sangti village

Enjoy the beautiful scenery with your bridesmaid at Sangti village. Like any Bollywood movie, running around the farms and enjoying the flat paddy fields by the river below, dark monsoon clouds hanging above. The scenery is none less than any picturesque. At Sangti, you can go through the village on foot and explore the beauty of nature.

6. Associate with the region at Hornbill Festival

If your idea of enjoying vacations is the rich indigenous culture with folk songs, tribal dances, food, and crafts, then this festival is surely meant for you. It is one of the famous and largest festivals of North East India. people from all over the world came to participate in this festival.

7. Get rid of your guilt, stress and worries at Tawang Monastery.

Tawang monastery is one of the largest monastery in India and second largest in the world after Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet. Located at the top of mountain, at an altitude of 3000m, Tawang monastery is a unique and peaceful place unlike any other in the country. The spiritual and serene atmosphere permeates the air and seeps into the soul.

So, if you are getting married soon then it is the perfect time to plan your destination bachelorette with your bridesmaids. It’s better to experience something new than regretting in future.



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