5 ways to make a long weekend memorable


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Still searching for an answer that how to stay at home and make long weekends memorable. It is not a rocket science. 2017 is the year of long weekends and so is 2018 going to be. It is not very necessary that you visit some far off places or explore the new destination on every long weekend but still can make them memorable. Here are the 5 ways which can help you to make long weekends memorable without spending hefty amount our visiting some new places.

It is not really necessary that you travel long and too far off locations. If planned properly you can enjoy at home with family and friends

  1. Plan in advance: There are so many long weekends which are coming, List is attached for your convenience, so make sure you plan which weekend and where you want to travel. Explore internet, ask on social media and look for best option and time when you can visit your favorite place.

  2. Stay at home and enjoy with Family: It is not really necessary that you travel long and to far off locations. If planned properly you can enjoy at home with family and friends. Stay at home, play with kids, go to the park, have the picnic, cook for the family, enjoy the movie with the family will help in getting your bond stronger with family.

  3. Make online bookings: Don’t keep anything for last minute. Its better to at least make hotel bookings and travel bookings in advance so that last-minute rush or expensive deals can be escaped.

  4. Set a budget: Maybe getting out of the budget can make you think twice about any further weekend trips. So plan properly and set a budget which is light in your pocket but heavy on memories.

  5. Travel less, enjoy more: Don’t try to cover many places in the short span of time. The funda is the simple go, sleep, relax, create memories and enjoy the place.

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Here is the List of long Weekends in 2017 and 2018, so start planning and tell us where you are going and how was your experience.

<strong>long weekends in 2017

1. Gandhi Jayanti Weekend

September 30, Saturday: Weekend

October 1, Sunday: Weekend

October 2, Monday: Gandhi Jayanti (Gazetted Holiday)

2. Diwali Weekend

October 14, Saturday: Weekend

October 15, Sunday: Weekend

October 16, Monday: Dhanteras/take the day off.

October 17, Tuesday: Take the day off.

October 18, Wednesday: Diwali (Gazetted Holiday)

October 19, Thursday: Balipratipada/take the day off.

October 20, Friday: Bhaidooj/take the day off.

October 21, Saturday: Weekend

October 22, Sunday: Weekend

  1. Id-E- Milad weekend

December 1, Friday: Id-e-Milad (Gazetted Holiday)

December 2, Saturday: Weekend

December 3, Sunday: Weekend

  1. Christmas Weekend

December 23, Saturday: Weekend

December 24, Sunday: Weekend

December 25, Monday: Christmas

Long Weekends in 2018

  1. Maha Shivratri Weekend

February 10, Saturday: Weekend

February 11, Sunday: Weekend

February 12, Monday: take a leave

February 13, Tuesday: Maha shivratri (Gazetted Holiday)

  1. Holi Weekend

March 01, Thursday: Holi

March 02, Friday: Holi (Gazetted Holiday)

March 03, Saturday: weekend

March 04, Sunday: Weekend

  1. Good Friday Weekend

March 30, Friday: Good Friday (Gazetted Holiday)

April 01 Saturday: weekend

April 02, Sunday: Weekend

  1. Janamasthmi weekend

September 01, Saturday: weekend

September 02, Sunday: Weekend

September 03, Monday: Janamasthmi

9. Gandhi Jayanti Weekend

September 29, Saturday: weekend

September 30, Sunday: Weekend

October 1, Monday: Take a leave

October 2, Tuesday: Gandhi Jayanti

10. Dussehra weekend

October 19, Friday: Dussehra

October 20, Saturday: weekend

October 21, Sunday: weekend

11. Diwali Weekend

November 07, Wednesday: Diwali (Gazetted Holiday)

November 08, Thursday: Balipratipada

November 09, Friday: Bhaidooj

November 10, Saturday: Weekend

November 11, Sunday: Weekend

12. Christmas Weekend

December 22, Saturday: Weekend

December 23, Sunday: Weekend

December 24 Monday: Take a day off

December 25, Tuesday: Christmas