5 ways to deal with overeating.


India is a land of festivals, from starting of the year to the end of the year, we have multiple reasons to celebrate. Every eve means feasting and food. Going to a party is obviously mean eating, drinking, and dancing, which means getting diverted from our routine and indulge into overeating or more of calories.

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Like any other human being, I also love dancing and eating but I keep few things in my mind before going to any party so that won’t indulge myself into over of anything. Here I am sharing those few points with you as well:

  1. never go empty stomach– This is the most important point to keep in mind while going for any party. If you are not super hungry, then obviously won’t jump on the food. You will relate and try to enjoy the party other ways except eating.

  2. get into the gang of skinny girls– There are many people who just come for showing or flaunting their clothes, accessories and other things. If comfortable try to join the gang of these skinny or showy gals whose whole concentration is on flaunting rather than eating.

  3. Drink lots of water– Start with fluids and end with fluids. More of drinks will make you feel like done at an early stage. But this doesn’t mean indulging in sugar drinks or carbo hydrated drinks.

  4. three-course meal– In any party, we have three-course meals, which has to be to eat in three intervals. So after every course of the meal, come back sit, enjoy, chit chat and then start. At least 15-20 minutes break is required between every course of three-course meals.

  5. indulge in activities– Try to divert yourself from eating. Do indulge into dancing, gossiping, discussions or any other work, which keeps you away from food.

  6. eat small bites and share– Try to eat with a group of people. First, go for tasting only to find the best food you should indulge into. I can bet after done with all food you won’t feel like eating even your favorite foods.

Eating is never a problem but overeating is. The above points are those which work best in my case. Would love to hear from you people as well. So do share and start commenting.