5 things every Indian female will hear if planning to travel solo


Have you ever tried traveling solo? Its one of the best way to be you and to gain confidence but in India traveling solo is something beyond imagination especial when its related to females. Females solo travelers are being treated with surprise and statements which are hilarious as well as irritating at times.

  1. Who else is going with you: Doesn’t matter, how much you stress on word “Solo” but still family, friends, relatives, neighbors and even your building watchman will ask this question to you “who else is going with you?”. It looks as if for them traveling solo means traveling in groups or with friends.
  1. How you will manage: “You are very young”, “you cannot manage for an hour”, “who will wash your clothes”? “what you will eat” and all blah blah. Be prepared for all the excuses that can make you rethink about going solo for vacations.

  1. It’s not very safe: Female and going solo is strictly prohibited in Indian society. The society feels women don’t have that courage and strength to manage things on their own.

  1. You don’t know how the outside world is: They will behave as if it’s your first day on earth and you have not intelligence and analytical power. Though I admit that outer world is gross but it is still manageable if we take some precautions and be more cautious.

  1. First, complete your responsibility then go wherever you want: Ths is the last and most effective tool and mostly used by Moms and wives. No matter how firm you are on your decision of traveling solo, if this tool is used with tears, then you have to change your decision.

SO if you are really want to travel solo suggests you be ready to face many questions and eyes that which hardly believe on your decision until you came back safely. But believe me traveling solo is real fun and experimental.

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