5 simple weight loss tips for girls


So who don’t like to look slim and healthy!! But getting a perfect body is not for everyone. Girls are more suffered from this problem as a society and we (girls) ourselves love being fit and sexy, wearing fashion clothes, and more concerned about looks. this is what has been inscribed in us since childhood.

I don’t care if you call me a feminist, which I may to some extent. I believe, we females are far more superior and better than our counterparts. Think am bluffing? Huh? You must be a male then. Basically, we are taught to be perfect and good and made to live a life of struggles and hard works since childhood. Reason being “Male”. For Example, most of the time our Mom is like: “Padh le warna pata nahi kaisa ladka milega? (Study hard otherwise don’t know what kind of guy you will get)
“Khana banan sikh le warna pata hai koi ullu hi milega tujhe.” (either learn cooking or you will get to marry an owl)
“Thoda sa face par kuch laga le warna koi bhoot hi shaadi karega tujhse”. (either get white otherwise you will get to marry a ghost like guy)
and Baap (best) of all is
“Thodi patli ho ja warna Saand hi milega tujhe 😛 (either get slim or you will get a husband like bull)

While for male, they don’t need to do anything. They have to be just “Male”. Black or white, fat or thin, IItian or illiterate they are expected to get Aishwarya Rai only. My God!!Isn’t that couple a perfect example suited here.

Anyways, whatever but we females are and will remain superior to the Males. So there is no need to feel inferior or degraded to them. Though I can’t tell you about above 3 points but believe me the last one can be rectified with just a few changes to your lifestyle and eating habits.

Hopefully till this time you have tried to follow Diet plan-1 and is used to it. Please note Diet Plan-2 is somewhat rigorous and need great willpower to carry on. Start for a week.

Morning: Till 12:00 make sure you are not eating any food grain. Doesn’t matter if you are eating rasgulla or glasses of lassi, back to back but no food grain. You can eat the vegetables, fruits, nuts, sweets but please no food grain like rice, wheat, and others.

After 12:00 eat what you want to and the quantity you carve for. Don’t stop yourself.

Evening: vegetable soup and Dalia or one chapati and that too till 7:00 PM, not later than it.

*After 6 in the evening, you are not supposed to hog on sugar/ dal/milk or milk products.

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I know it may sound difficult but believe me with half an hour exercise or walking + this diet plan you will find a prominent change in your body. Please note am not asking you to stop yourself from eating anything, just eat at right time. Do give it a try for at least a week and do let me know if there are any positive changes or help required.

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