5 Reason why to visit Lansdowne- A Travel Guide


Another long weekend after Diwali was much needed and the best one to rejuvenate me. Though instant but We(Amit and I) decided to visit Lansdowne for the weekend- starting Friday to Sunday, means three days and two nights. Though this is going to be my second trip to Lansdowne but still looking forward to it.

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Reasons why we decided to visit Lansdowne instead of Dehradhun or Mussorie.

  1. Nearest to Ghaziabad: The time is taken to reach here is 5hrs 23 minutes which is one hour less as compared to Dehradun and Mussorie. Also, there is less chance of getting traffic or jams as it is less popular among the travelers.

  2. Serene Beauty: It is closest to nature. In Lansdowne, flora and fauna have been maintained and preserved well. You will find boards at every distance giving the message to save trees, save nature. If you are a nature lover, you won’t get bored here.

  3. Calm and peaceful: It is not very crowded and famous among the tourists. The main reason is lack of good hotels and big market in main Lansdowne. If you love being close to nature and enjoy the calmness, then I assure you won’t regret coming here.

  4. Cleanliness: Polythene is strictly banned in here and believe me that’s the best thing about it. The cleanliness you get here is somewhat missing in other hill stations.

  5. Garwhal regiment: The Garhwal Rifles is one of the most decorated infantry regiments of the Indian Army. It was originally raised in 1887 as the 39th (Garhwal) Regiment of the Bengal Army. It then became part of the British Indian Army, and after the Independence of India, it was incorporated into the Indian Army.

Entry fee in Lansdowne