5 Natural wonders of World- that leave you awestruck


It is very truly said that World is colorful. The world is full of mysterious formations. There are many unique destinations in the World whose beauty will leave you awestruck. There are many destinations whose beauty is simply incomparable and unmatchable. so here are 5 Natural wonders, World- that leave you simply awestruck.

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  1. Eye of Sahara: The Sahara Desert is one of a unique place. The Eye of the Sahara, which is more formally known as the Richat structure, is located in the western Sahara Desert in Mauritania. On the ground, it’s about 25 miles across. Primarily, the Volcano mountains and the continuous erupting Lava can only be seen here.
    Scientists believe that this tomb-like structure has been made due to the asteroids. But now they believe that it is a natural tomb made due to different geographical conditions. For a while, scientists did think that the Eye of the Sahara was an impact crater. But they didn’t find enough melted rock to make that guess hold water.
    The latest theories suggest a much more complicated story behind this incredible natural formation. The main ring structure of the Eye is the eroded remains of what was once a dome of layers of the Earth’s crust.
    So maybe people are in confusion due to this natural wonder but it one of the best place to travel and see something very different.
    Location: Sahara Desert

  1. Stone forest: As the name describes, this forest is made up of stone. Its one of the very famous stone forest located in Shilin, China. Shilin Yi Nationality Autonomous County, 120 kilometers (75 miles) and 3 hours’ drive from Kunming.
    It is one of the first Wonder of World. It is said that people first came to know about it in 1368-644 AC. Forest, all of which feature stones in various formations. Animals, plants, and even human figures can be found here. Some are elegant, some are rugged, and each is lifelike with its own distinguishing characteristics.
    Location: China

  1. Paricutin Volcano: Paricutin Volcano is situated in Mexico. It is among World’s seven natural wonders. Because of being America’s newest Volcano it is counted among wonders of World. ParicutĂ­n presented the first occasion for modern science to document the full life cycle of an eruption of this type.
    During the volcano’s 9 years of activity, scientists sketched and mapped it and took thousands of samples and photographs. It is about 322KM west of Mexico City. It is also termed as a wonder because people have seen it in making.
    Location: Mexico

  1. Spotted Lake: This lake is famously known as Osoyoos. This lake is a small lake which is very rich in a variety of minerals, including calcium, sodium sulphates and magnesium sulphate. This lake is best seen during summers when most of the water of this lake get evapourates, leaving concentrations of these minerals that form the spots visible in the lake.
    Throughout the summer, the spots shift in size and color as the minerals within each change with further evaporation. Colours ranging from blue to green to yellow appear, depending on the mineral makeup of each individual spot.
    Location: Canada

  1. River of 5 colors: Situated in Colombia, i is one of the popular tourist destination. It is also called as “liquid rainbow”. If you look at the base of the river you will see the red plants, the yellow and green sand, the blue water and all the shades in between.
    But these 5 colors are visible only for a short time when Macarenia clavigera named the plant, mixes with green, blue and yellow water and turns into red. This plant populates much of the water.
    Location: Colombia

So have you ever been to any of these places Or if planning to visit them, which place is first on your list?. Would like to know about your views or a similar place you have been to.

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