5 Indian foods to carry while travelling with kids

kids enjoying to the fullest

I still remember how our Sikkim, Gangtok trip got ruined as Tomato(my daughter) had become cranky. Travelling with kids is not easy but it is comfortable if their stomachs are filled. It’s a proven fact that a hungry child can be super cranky and able give you a headache anytime. I am a mother of two kids and also a travel freak. My daughter is 5 years while my son is 1.6 years old.

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In this post, we will discuss the Indian foods which we, the mothers can carry on long-haul flights, trains or while going for vacations. I have categorized the food items into two parts- first, one for the infants and the second one is for kids. They are the instant baby foods and also help you in managing your kids better.

Indian food to carry while traveling for infants up to 1 years

  1. Homemade Cerelac for Baby: For making this, mix about 2-3 tablespoons of Cerelac powder in the required amount of warm milk that can be easily carried in a thermos flask and that’s just about it. Cerelac, homemade or packaged, is not only a great source of nutrients but will keep the baby full for longer, thus eliminating the need of in-between snacking.

  1. Fruit Puree Recipes for Babies: Fruit purees are the most loved substitute among mothers to start as first foods. These are highly nutritious, simple to prepare and easily digestible. Loaded with crucial vitamins and minerals, they make for excellent takeaway foods.

The most common are apple puree, mango puree and banana puree. To make a puree, of any kind, all you need is a fruit and a fork. Simply mash the fruit in a clean bowl using a fork. You can add a little warm milk to make the consistency a little runny so that your baby is able to gulp it down with ease.

  1. Formula Milk/Breastmilk: Milk is seen as a health drink for babies and adults alike. It serves as the “complete food” because it is rich in a range of nutrients. Therefore, it becomes but obvious to carry milk while away from home.

While traveling, breastfeeding is the first alternative that comes to mind. It is the most convenient and can be done anywhere. However, some might not feel comfortable doing it in a public place. In such cases, you can make use of a breast pump. It allows you to store your milk beforehand and use it as and when required.
If breastfeeding is not possible, another option is to carry formula milk. Formula milk can be prepared by mixing powdered formula with the desired amount of water.One important thing to note is that Formula milk contains a protein called “Casein” which takes the time to digest, hence formula-fed babies go longer between servings.

  1. Porridge: Porridge is another wholesome option that comes in handy while on the go. Feeding porridge to your baby on a regular basis offers numerous benefits. Rich in fiber content, porridge also contains protein, magnesium, iron, zinc, antioxidants, and vitamins B and E. These many benefits rolled into one can help boost the immune system and fight infection against diseases.

  1. Oatmeal: Oats can be introduced your baby’s diet after he/she turns 6 months old. They are rich in fiber, protein, and calcium and are soothing to your baby. It has been found that babies enjoy the taste of oatmeal cereal more than that of rice cereal. Now, if you want to make sure that your baby eats the food, be sure to pack their favorite oatmeal for the trip.

Indian food to carry while traveling for kids above 1 years

  1. Thepla: Thepla is a famous Gujarati food. I call it the ‘wonder food’ for moms. It can be served with anything, easy to carry, doesn’t get spoilt and is super healthy. It is like roti or paratha made with fenugreek leaves. The good part is that even if you are not an expert most local food stores stock it so its always easily available. Thepla can be had with Pickle, Yogurt or just plain topped with butter.

  1. Atte ke Laddu: It is a yummy sweet. A special delicacy of Rajasthan as well as Gujarat. Atte ke Laddoo is served as Prasad in many pujas. During Ganesh Chaturthi, the ladoo is made. This is all healthy and also rich in nutritions.

  1. Banana Chips: An important part of the Kerala tradition. Banana chips are deep-fried or dried slices of bananas. They can be sweet or spicy depending on the recipe. If covered with sugar or honey, they have a sweet taste. If fried in oil and spices, they would taste salty. Banana chips contain many minerals such as Fiber, Iron, and Potassium.

  1. Makhana or nuts: Makhana is a plant also known as Euryale Fox. The white seeds which are part of the plant are edible. In Punjab and Eastern parts, it is often roasted and fried. Makhana is roasted and sprinkled with spices, it is a tastier and healthier snack.A light snack to satisfy your cravings between meals and it is also used to prepare makhana kheer. I love to shallow fry it in ghee and sprinkle some rock salt for the kids.

  1. Mathri, gajak and Khakra: Meethi, gajak and Khakra are food made of mat bean, wheat flour and oil. They are crunchy, healthy snacks that come in varieties. And can be eaten with pickle, butter or chutneys. This is great if food is not accessible or you are staying in place where a limited variety of food is available or the resort is far away and room service is the only option.

So from now onwards, whenever you are traveling with toddler or baby try opting for few of the above options. I am sure, not only your kids but you will also enjoy trip more than before.

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