5 Delhi people Habits while travelling for vacations


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I am a true Delhiite and proud to be one. The aura, attitude, and ego that we have are different from any of the state in India. We have few habits that distinguish us from rest of the world. We are unique in ourselves. Ok!! so don’t believe me, I tell you few traveling habits with which you can very well relate yourself.

  1. Shopping keeda: We have the biggest shopping keeda. No matter how far/ near we go, we want to shop gifts for all our family members, relatives, cousins, friends and even neighbors.

2. Search for dal makhni n naan: When it comes to food, only Daal Makhni and naan is our top most choice. Daal Makhni and Naan can only solve our hunger pangs. We love to search for our food everywhere and if somehow don’t get it, then it’s like hunger strike for us.

  1. Maggi is not a food: For us Maggi is not a food, ok!! we don’t count it as snacks even. Almost on every hill station, you get Maggi and we love to eat it but still doesn’t count as food.

  1. Golgappe: no matter how much we love momos or drool over junk food but the final satisfaction that we drive from Golgappe is beyond words. It is must have at least once on any traveling trip.

  1. Delhi/other place game: Though Delhi is one of the most crowded city still we love to point out the little traffic at other places. We love to compare each and everything with Our Delhi and no doubt Our Delhi always tops the list.

So how many of you agree with me and have same traveling habits?? Also do tag your Delhiite friends with same habits.

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