5 Best Flea Market in Delhi – Must read for males to understand female physcology better


If you can relate to all above, then I can bet you are female. We females have a special emotional connection with shopping. It is not only a necessity, way to pamper ourselves, look good but also a stress buster.

Is the shopping, first thing comes to your mind when asked for the weekend outing?
If asked shopping is not only your hobby but also a necessity.
every time you have to go somewhere, find “nothing” to wear.
You go shopping, and shop a lot but nothing relevant and still nothing to wear.
You shopped but still, more to go as kurta needs dupatta, dress require leggings, saree matching earrings.
Furthermore, Not necessary to shop only for yourself, you love it doing for family, friends, neighbor, home, pet and Singapore wala relative.
You cant live without Bargaining
You shop for many unbranded items but it is branded that you love to wear and finally satisfy your shopping pangs.

If you can relate to all above, then I can bet you are female. We females have a special emotional connection with shopping. It is not only a necessity, way to pamper ourselves, look good but also a stress buster.

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  1. Janpath:
    Nearest metro station: Janpath Metro Station

    This is the main market of Delhi and it attracts to large numbers of tourists who are coming to visit our country from outside India. This is the reason that a person may observe large numbers of foreign tourists rather than Indian Tourists. The products like garments, jewelry, gift items, carpets and much more are also available in this market. the one thing that the customer must remember while shopping in this market that whatever rate the shopkeeper is demanding, he must offer fewer than that rate. He must know how to bargain on which product.

Important details: It opens all 7 days. The normal timings of the market are from Monday to Saturday, morning 10:00 am tonight 9:00 pm. On Sundays, because of the rush, the timings are from 11:00 am in the morning till 8:00 pm in the evening.
If buying anything remember the shop number, in case if you like to exchange the item.

Most Noteworthy: Female outfits, bags, accessories

Janpath Market
  1. Central Market:
    Nearest metro station: Lajpat Nagar Metro Station

    Central Market is situated near Ashram Chowk in South Delhi. The market consists of many roadside food stalls, Mehendi (henna)sellers, jewelry, accessories etc. An excellent place to go shopping and look for the best pieces of jewelry or some Indian/Ethnic outfit. If you are looking for some lovely decoratives and crockery pieces for your homes then this market is the Best place to buy them.

Important details: The Lajpat Nagar Central Market is closed on Mondays only and remains opened from Tuesdays through Sundays between 11:00 AM and 8:00 PM

Most Noteworthy: Home and decor, jewelry, outfits.

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  1. Sarojini Nagar:
    Nearest metro station: INA Metro Station

    There’s a narrow lane with high walls where I find the most amazing treasures. The rest of the market is good to explore as well. But remember to haggle, the prices when first told by the vendors is inflated, and they end up selling the stuff for 30-50% of the original ask. Sarojini Nagar offers numerous great affordable deals on lovely clothes, shoes, and jewelry. It basically holds export surplus goods and you can get high street fashion pieces in the 100-1000 range with bargaining skills.

Most Noteworthy: Sarojini Nagar market is closed on Mondays.

Must go for: Latest fashion wear, accessories.

Sarojini Nagar Market
  1. Kamla Nagar:
    Nearest metro station: Delhi University Metro Station

    Situated next to the North Campus of Delhi University, Kamla Nagar is a lively market and a popular hang-out for college students. It is famous for popular fashion brands and spicy street food. The roads, spreading out radially from a huge roundabout, house several showrooms. A number of booksellers and publishers have their offices in this market, especially on the Bungalow Road. You may check out a few showrooms on Bada Gol Chakkar and Chhota Gol Chakkar. The McDonald’s and Domino outlets here are a big attraction for the young regulars.

Most Noteworthy: Kamla Nagar market is closed on Mondays.

Must go for: Latest fashion wear, accessories, books, and spicy food.

Kamla Nagar Market
  1. Gaffar Market:
    Nearest metro station: Karol Bagh Metro station

    Gaffar is one of the famous markets to purchase Electronic products. Items that have been sold here consist of air-conditioners, tvs, camcorders, cell mobile phones and other components. The main thing about these items that is they don’t have any assurance. Plenty of stores are also available where different types of brought in cell mobile phones are fixed. Indeed, iPhone released in the European countries and announced as being developed in some particular year through an international journal was available here several months before their start.

Most Noteworthy: Gaffarmarket is closed on Mondays.

Must go for: Electronic, Acessories, Tarvelling bags.

Karol Bagh Market

The most common among all the flea market in Delhi is you have to be just stubborn and adept. If you are good at bargaining than you will get the best deals.

LOve reading my post? do share your experiences/ comments please.