5 Best female hygiene products, must have for every woman


Let us first understand what products fall under the category of women’s hygiene. Female hygiene usually includes products that women can use during the menses, regular vaginal discharge and regular vagina and vulva related activities. A woman’s vaginal area is dark and moist and has a delicate balance of bacteria and yeast. Needless to say that this area is closed off all day and doesn’t receive much air. Taking care of this intimate place is easy if you one has the proper information. We hope this list suffices you in learning about what is best for your hygiene.

1.Everteen Natural Intimate Wash This particular one is pretty high up on our list because of the natural ingredients like Ficus Glomarata it uses. This particular ingredient thwarts the growth of dangerous bacterias such as E-coli. Everteen also has Butea Frondosa which prevent a gamut of bacterial and yeast infections from taking hold in your intimate area. Along with all these natural ingredients this product also contains aloe vera, the benefits of which have been proven time and again. The aloe vera in this product acts as an anti-inflammatory moisturiser without making your delicate skin oily. It also has a cooling effect and leaves you feeling fresh down there. Everteen is free of parabens. This particular product is very gentle yet highly functional in preventing infections.

Everteen Natural intimate Wash is scientifically designed to promote complete vaginal hygiene and balance naturally. It is formulated with 100% natural active ingredients to give you the safest and most effective cleansing of this very sensitive part of your body.

Benefits of Everteen Intimate Natural Wash: Protects, prevents and maintains . Everteen protects 3.5PH balance of vagina Natural vaginal flora. Also prevents unpleasant and unnatural odour itching, irritation and infections. It also amintains vaginal hygiene everyday freshness.

2.Sanitary Napkins, Tampons and Menstrual CupsThese are the top products for women’s hygiene. Everybody knows what and how a sanitary napkin works. The usage of tampons and menstrual cup can be a bit confusing. However, all three solve the main big purpose of containing the menstrual fluid they serve the minor purpose of how they make you feel down there. With tampons and menstrual cup, you will not feel any blood touch the skin of your vagina. The menstrual cup is made of silicone and should feel comfortable to use.

3 Hair removal creams – Pubic hair as we women folk know can be a hindrance especially when it comes to hygiene. They can trap sweat and keep our intimate area damp and moist. These hair removal creams are a great substitute for getting a painful bikini wax. These creams remove the tiniest of hair and also did rid of stubborn dead skin down there. Easy to use, painless, highly affordable and far less time consuming these creams are a great way to achieve feminine hygiene.

4 End Day(s) Panties – This is a wonderful invention. For most women the last two days of their period are not very heavy and wearing a sanitary napkin can be fairly annoying especially because it starts to feel like a hindrance after a few days. These end day panties come with a special plastic lining at the bottom and a pre-attached thick cotton pad secured with two elastic straps which feel very soft and comfortable against your vaginal walls. These pads can soak your final days of fluid very easily and can be washed and re-used. This woman’s hygiene product is safe and comfortable to use and is easily available and reasonable.

5 Women’s Razors – This also has proved to be a phenomenal innovation ever since it’s conception several years ago. Using a razor to remove unwanted hair is a fast, hassle-free, painless and affordable method. These razors are very portable and can be carried while travelling. Whether it’s a disposable woman’s razor or the permanent one; both solve the purpose very well. The hair that may come back may be slightly harder than when you wax but if you let those hair grow a little more they again turn soft. Also, these are unwanted hair and you ultimately want to remove them whether it is a hard stubble or a soft one.



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