Natural remedies for curing cold and cough in babies/kids/infants


You know what is World’s hardest job?? Being a mom, no, it’s being a mom of a naughty kid. So, presenting me doing the world hardest job. The toughest task is to make him wear shoes/ socks. Believe me, more than 50 times a day I try for his socks or shoes but hardly suceed in keeping them on for more than 5 minutes.

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No matter how hard I try, it is difficult to make him wear shoes/ sock. During winters the floor is as cold as ice. and I am not able to walk a single step barefoot and he manages the whole day without shoes/socks. My biggest fear is, what will happen if he caught with a cough and cold. The disease which seems small but has disastrous effects on kids as well as parents. The kids become cranky, running rose, chronic coughing, and prone to many other diseases.

So finally after having many research and study, I finally find out the herbs which are hot in nature and can help your kids immune grow strong and easily fight with diseases like a cough and cold. You know precaution is better than cure. SO here are few natural remedies for a cough and cold which are easily available and 80% protect your kids/infant from a cough and cold.

  1. Long pepper root/ Piplamool: It is one of the best herbs to cure a cough and cold in kids/infants. It is easily available in any nearby stores and is quite reasonable too.

Usage: boil a stick in about a liter of milk which is to be given to the kids.

Precautions: If cause gastritis, burning sensation in throat, palm & feet, best is to avoid using it.
long-term usage is not at all recommended.

  1. Paan ke patte/ Betel leaves: Betel leaves are one of the rich sources of calcium. A betel leaf has calcium equivalent to a glass of milk. Actually being used with Choona (lime) it causes many mouth disease that’s why people has this wrong conception that they can cause many diseases. But if used plainly betel leaf has many benefits.

Usage: Boil a leaf in one glass of water and leave it till water get reduced to half. You can mix honey in it and can give the kid for the better result.

Precautions: Avoid using giving betel leaf with milk or having milk 20 minutes before or after it.

  1. Kachi Haldi/ Raw turmeric: Before they were hardly available in local markets but since people have become aware of its benefits, it is one of the most purchased items during winters.

Usage: Boil a small piece of grated Raw Turmeric in milk and rinse it or you can also use it as turmeric in curry/ dishes.

Precautions: Avoid overuse of Kachi Haldi as it may cause piles or other serious problems.

  1. Laung/ cloves: For me it always worked the best. A pair of clove under teeth, if you have bronchitis or a chronic cough, will surely provide you some relief.

Usage: Either boil it in the milk or simply use it raw, it works magically in a cough.

Precautions: Avoid overuse of Cloves as it may cause piles or other serious problems.

  1. Ajwain/ Carom Seeds: Ajwain is one of the magical herbs which help in curing stomach diseases as well many other problems related to a cough, cold. It also helps in reducing weight and bloating of the stomach.

Usage: Boil it in the water and give it as a substitute whenever your kids/infant ask for the water. You can also use it in the curry, breads, rotis or gravy of your veggies.

Precautions: Obviously overuse is not at all recommended but daily use in small quantity is highly recommended.

There are other food items too which helps in developing your kid’s immunity against a cough and cold during winters like ginger, honey, brandy. You can use any of them but make sure their use is for a limited period is only. Never overdo anything as it can cause other health-related issues.